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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Property Management Company Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am currently building a website and a complete business identity for my employer who has just started a Property Management Firm.

All is going great until it comes down to the business slogan or advertising slogans. Why it has been so difficult for me is because I have to target TWO completely different audiences: Renters and Owners and d I can not target one or the other.

Making things even more difficult is that we have listings for apartments, houses, commercial, vacation, specialized listings for a large motorcycle rally is our area (more distinctive customers with specialized needs).

A quote from the owner that may assist:

“It is our mission to provide Renters and Property Owners alike, with the most comprehensive service available. Owners can feel good that their Renter has been carefully selected and Renters will feel more secure knowing that their Landlord has the reputation for fairness and personalized service.”

I have been working on coming up with a tagline for quite some time now and I need to get this done. Am I making this more difficult than it has to be?

I am completely blocked on this any ideas?

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday Paul

    Your position is similar to most real estate agents who have to attract buyers and sellers (in your case renters and owners).

    'The renter and owner connection point'

    'In touch - In place' - Putting owners and renters together'

    'Houses and Homes - whether you rent or own'

    Hope that helps :-)
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Paul

    With such a commodity of a service you need to communicate your brand values that are attractive to your target audience in your tagline. Without standing out from competitors and addressing a pertinent issue(s) that are relevant to your target audience, your tagline will sound generic.

    I mean, what does "...most comprehensive service available." mean? It sounds like you do the same as everyone else. What makes your brand service different from everyone else? Is it your personality? Your level of service? Why is your service better than your competitors?

    As a starting point, talk to your current customers/clients and find out WHY did they choose your brand of service over your competitors?

    Sometimes, actually most of the time, the perception of your brand and what WE think attracted clients/customers to use our service is very different from a client's perspective. Once you find out WHY customers' prefer you you are almost there barring some tweaking.

    If you're looking for similar clients and customers, then the approach above will be a good starting point to brainstorm some ideas. Why not get a customer group together made up of your best customers as an on-going customer sound board to support customer care initiatives?

    The tagline your customers are looking for and will be attracted to is not that far away, all you just have to do is discover it from your customers'/clients' point of view.

    Hope this helps.

    Zahid Adil

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