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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need "attention Getting" Slogan For Travel Agency

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am a small, independently owned travel agency in a very small town and must compete with very large agencies 20 minutes away.....I am the only agent and pride myself on the personal service I give my clients..
I have very loyal repeat clients and good word of mouth help a lot...however I would like to have a slogan or tag line that would help them to remember me...

Agency Name...Time Time
I do travel worldwide...have be in the industry 27 years, have worked for American Airlines, America West Airlines, Air Canada and United Airlines....I have owned my own agency for 9 1/2 years...I have learned over the last few years, that a lot of people think bigger agencies are better...not necessarily true...often they look more at the $$$$'s and not the personal service...because word of mouth is everything to personal service has to be the best I can make it. Of course the $$'s are important in order to stay in operation, but good service is really what we all have to sell now that the internet has made it possible to do your own travel. Most of my customers use the internet as research tool and then come to me to do the actual bookings, some also say if there is a problem...they would prefer to speak to a real person or come into my office.

I welcome any suggestions or slogan ideas you might have...thanx in advance

  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Accepted
    Time Time Travel
    - Taking time? Save time with us!

    Time Time Travel
    - When you take time, save time with us

    Time Time Travel
    - Local, personal, affordable

    Time Time Travel
    - Where a real person meets your travel needs

    Time Time Travel
    - Your personal travel agent

    Time Time Travel
    - The friendly face of travel services

    Time Time Travel
    - Our time is your time
  • Posted on Accepted
    I think Ghostwriter has some good ones. Two more...

    Your personal travel resource

    At your beck and call

  • Posted by michelletrex on Accepted
    Time after time the best value and advice.

    Better value that on-line - with a personal touch

    Time Time Travel - Best Best Value

    Time Time Travel - When you want to talk to a real travel agent.

    Time Time Travel - Find out what a real travel agent can do for you.

    Time Time Travel - Real Real People

  • Posted by ibrahim.latheef on Accepted
    Save your time use our time choose Time Time Travel
  • Posted on Accepted
    I'm not a slogan expert its more a of hobby. Here are some of my ideas.

    Any time, is the right time, to use Time Time Travel.

    Time is the one thing you can't get back. Make the most of it with Time Time Travel.

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