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Topic: Student Questions

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Distribution Channels Of Coca Cola

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points

i am doing a research for a project and need to find out the distribution channels that coke uses to reach the consumer. Any help would be great.

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    Hi there

    the Coca cola (aka Coke) Company uses a different model than other FMCG companies.

    the CCCL, through its subsidiaries actually sell only the concentrate that makes the soft drink. this concentrate is the main ingredient and its recipe is one of the best kept secret.

    the CCCL also has numerous bottlers around the world, who procures the concentrate from the CCCL and prepares the liquid soft drink under strict supervision from the CCCL. (just an added note, CCCL has some major bottlers who actually control most of these bottling operations. these bottlers are called Anchor Bottlers, i.e. Swire Group, F&N, SABCO etc.)

    then this soft drink is distributed around the world through its very efficient distribution system. in some countries the bottlers are also distributors, while in others the distributors are separate from the bottlers.

    the master distributors in a territory appoints sub distributors and through its DSD (direct store distribution) method distributes the products to all the retail channels.

    this DSD concept is also applicable for distribution through vending machines. Among various channels that are used by coke company are, retail outlets, HORECA, vending machines, fountains etc.

    hope this helps. if you have any query pls revert.

  • Posted on Author
    so if i drew the following chart would you say its correct and what would you add to it or change in it?

    bottler/distributor bottler
    ! !
    ! !
    ! wholesaler
    ! !
    --- - !- - - - -- --------------------------------
    ! ! ! ! ! !
    vending retailer restuarant hotel fast cafe
    machine food

    Just generally for the America/Canada is that the channel structure or am i on the wrong track?
  • Posted on Author
    so if i drew the following chart would you say its correct and what would you add to it or change in it?

    retailer, vending machine, restaurant/bar, Fast food outlet etc

    when sometimes the bottler is the distributor and goes directly to the retailer level?

    Can you name some companies in this channel for America/Canada?
  • Posted by selharim1 on Member
    I'm doing researches about distribution and channel strategy of coca cola company. (threaten in 15 pages).
    May you help me by giving me some relevant information about it? and how should I organize this work?
    Thanks you.

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