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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Punctuating Product Names

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Do product names need to be grammatically correct? I'm working on launching a new product called Global Products' Outlook. Should the apostrophe be dropped to improve the clarity of the title?

  • Posted on Member

    Keep it simple in my opinion, what would you like the title to say actually?

    it is the outlook of produts?
    the globality of the products?
    or just
    Global outlook of products?

    In any case the above has all of that in it and is correct as it is.
  • Posted on Member
    Advertising is one area where grammar goes out the window. I'm sure some would disagree but I don't think it's an issue. I wouldn't want a product to need an apostrophe. Very few consumers even notice these things
  • Posted on Member

    Agree with powerwriter and stevea, plus from an aesthetic perspective, you don't need the apostrophe.

    From a strictly emotional angle, "Global Products Outlook" creates about as much empathy as the "Beige Book" that the US Federal Reserve puts out every few months.

    If the above name means something in your market and you think it will have sufficient "traction", go for it - otherwise, I would recommend re-thinking the product name to get some emotional impact.

    Hope this helps,
  • Posted on Member
    dont sweat the punctuation... dont worry about spelling...

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