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Topic: Branding

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Naming Of It Service Levels PRO Member

Posted by stlubahn on 500 Points
We are a network security and IT services firm. We offer both a managed network security product called nfire, and a remote network management solution called nsentry.

On the nsentry product, we are looking at three levels of service, and may offer additional service levels for nfire in the future.

I can use input on names of these service levels. Several competitors are using Bronze, Silver, and Gold, I would like to be more unique than that. I have been using Basic for a general network monitoring level, Preferred for a complete network monitoring and support package, and Premium for a special package for unlimited after hours support. It might also be good to have connection to the nsentry and nfire names.

Our website is a, you can find nsentry and nfire information under products. There is currently no reference to the different levels of service on the site, the products are written with a full description of all features. Note the site is now, I am still adding graphics and content to the site, any input on the site is also welcome.


  • Posted on Accepted
    your website... should be (i think)
    I liked it but, here is a point you may want to look at...
    when i put the cursor over products, customer service, jobs and technical support shows through like a ghost.

    I found the nsentry product line via google.... at that site above...

    I personally hate it when people re-invent the wheel. Everyone on the planet understands the silver, gold, platinum or bronze, silver, gold standard. It opens the door for negotiations when you need to "sweeten" the deal. It gives a way to differentiate your products. Why spend time, re-educating your customers on your standards names, when you could spend that time selling them services..

    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted by stlubahn on Author
    Sorry, the website should be Frank, can you better explain your comment about "when i put the cursor over products, customer service, jobs and technical support shows through like a ghost." Thanks!
  • Posted on Member
    i completely agree with frank

    u could try silver, gold and platinum
    or business versus club class

    but try and use terms that are simple and universally understood.

    you could try nsilver, ngold, nplatinum
  • Posted on Member

    My two cents: I think your 1st priority should be to provide succinct, benefit-driven copy to explain your services on your home page and why you're different - you are competing against 20,000 other ISP/security entities out there. If I landed there, I wouldn't even know I was at a site that offers services I need...of course I would know that Milosovic had an unprescribed drug in his system.

    I wouldn't try to brand every service level. I also don't get the nSentry, nThis, nThat.

    Other advice:
    Personally, your logo leaves me confused before we even get to the service nomenclature issue. I'm guessing Lock Ness monster meets cembossed chrome...I don't get it.

    Don't let me discourage you, please. I think your issue, like so many new businesses is getting a sound marketing communication strategy developed...but can't afford it.

    Nobody said it was going to be easy! But, you're not alone. Keep plugging away.

  • Posted on Member

    Where's your customer base located?
    If in the US, then silver, gold, platinum would be the obvious approach.

    If elsewhere, you can try basic, preferred, elite, or some other play of different level descriptors.

    I like Deedee's comment about adding the letter 'n' in front of each service level descriptor.

    Hope this helps,
  • Posted by stlubahn on Author
    A few comments based on responses so far.

    KANDI, yes, to some extent there is segmentation by market on the service levels. Our primary customers, financial instituitions, we lean towards higher levels of services, small business will be more likely to need the price point a monitoring only service level will afford.

    skoobie99, our customer base is the US market, more specifically Upper Midwest.

    mick, I understand your concerns about the home page, right now I am a one man act in the marketing department along with using an outside agency for assistance. I do have a marketing intern starting next week, and will have her start enhancements to the website as initial project work.

    Thanks for the input so far!

  • Posted by Signature Strategies on Accepted
    OK, I'm assuming you've set your corporate mind on differentiating three classes of product by naming them as a series. This being the case, here are eight possibilities, or at least idea-starters for your own branstorming efforts:

    Diamond, Ruby, Emerald
    Ace, King, Queen
    Saturn, Mars, Mercury
    Colonel, Major, Captain
    Teak, Maple, Pine
    Red, Green, Blue
    Giga, Mega, Deca
    Zeus, Apollo, Athena

    Martin Jelsema
    Signature Strategies
  • Posted by stlubahn on Author
    rbauman, we feel the need to different service levels strategically to offer different price points for different sized customers and IT staff with differing levels of capacity and expertise.

    Martin, Colonel, Major, Captain may be somewhat of a fit with the nsentry name.

    Fevalenko, this was not based so much from existing customers but trends I have seen in preparing proposals to drive to three levels of services. I agree on the speaking to IT people, we also need to address the key decision makers. Understandable is better than cute in this case.

  • Posted by GIS on Accepted

    In a prior company we provided Hosted and Remote Administration Services to Financial and Legal Companies in the Chicago area.

    To offer some feedback regarding my impression ofyour site, from a Former IT Managers perspective the site seams professional and very well put together. It lacks the platitudes of many others espousing generalities and really contains examples and substance. The IT compliance services section really caught my attention, I've been unaware of that service and quite frankly am less inclined to present this as a Gold Service unless I was marketing it to a bank.

    To your question 'can use input on names of these service levels.' You may want to list these competitor websites for reference. Also, I did not find your service levels listed.

    I'm inclined to agree with many others that a simple approach to plans will work. Although I am reluctant to say bronze, silver, gold, and rather go with Standard, Advanced, and Premium. I think standard has an acceptable ring where as having just watched the Olympics no one wants to be 3rd Place.

    I do like the Mililtary names offered above. What do you think of something less rank driven and more related to security - maybe a prison system such as Guard, Warden, and Governor Class.

    When you do post your levels I would suggest a 4 column table with 7 or less rows deep. Be clear as to what they are selecting as an overview on the website. You can present the more detailed service offerings in person, in a contract, or with White Paper Examples showing how specific customers benefited from your Guard Service Level.

    I do have some question about your verticals. If you are targeting and benefiting from Financial Institutions, you may consider downplaying the basic offering and suggesting that custom solutions are available. This is a more difficult call for you as I do not know how much of your margin comes from your lower end customers and who you are targeting. Are you trying to branch upword. If so, then I'd drop the third tier and just go with two tiers for service offerings. Keep it simple.

    Good luck.

  • Posted on Accepted
    WantItAll or GiveMeAll or All U Need
  • Posted on Member
    nsentry and nfire
    Easy would be level one two three for the two of them with the name in front...
    How boring is that?...
    So try something like:

    Force one, two, three
    Piper, Jet and Rocket Levels (rocket being the highest)

    Would make something like

    nsentry Piper version
    nsentry Jet version
    nsentry Rocket version

    or from your name: LOCK ONE, TWO, THREE

    Your website is a bit confusing, too much on the top, nothing on the bottom,...

    Kind regards,
  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    How about staying somewhat in the arena and calling them

    Security 1.0
    Security 2.0
    Security 3.0

    Some good options so far, but some of the military ones (and others) strike me as a little low-tech, reminiscent of the "bulldog" image representing a security firm.

    Or, maybe just different WORDS for the security presence, like


    Not judgmental, just different names in the same family--to work against the implied "inferiority" of lower levels, in case that point raised by someone above does, in fact, create concern. But the lack of obvious hierarchy does harm it from a clarity standpoint.
  • Posted by stlubahn on Author
    Some great discussion on this topic! I was not expecting the strong initial response to stick with bronze-silver-gold. Some of the later posts get more at the root of the issue.

    Sorry, I had to split us the points a bit on this one, I tried to reward folks who had appeared to put more thought in although some of the shorter "votes" where useful too. I am sure I will have more question soon, stayed tuned and thanks again!

  • Posted on Member
    the ghosts where from the first website... sorry frank

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