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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Name For My Rabbitry

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I'm just starting out and I would like to name my Rabbitry. I would like something cute but the cute one's are gone. Honey Buns was my favorite but is taken. I breed Lionheads, Holland Lops and Mini Rex, not that the name has to include these in it.
I am open to ideas and looking for a cutsy name.
Thank you in advance for all your ideas.

  • Posted on Author
    Hi Vic
    The Rabbit Patch is cute too, but taken
    Got any more names?
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Briar Patch?
  • Posted by nmuqbel on Member
    Bunny Rabbits
  • Posted on Member
    I like Hoppy Days (TruProphet's contribution), but how about:

    'C'mon Get Hoppy'
    'Hoppy Days Are Here Again'


  • Posted on Author
    They are all really good, just not quite what I'm looking for, Fluffy bunny feet and Da Wabbitwy are cute, Briar patch is ok but isn't bunny related.
    Ok we are almost there, please keep thinking!
    And they are all very good names and ideas.
    Thanks guys
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Author, Briar Patch is a take off on Uncle Remus and his Brer Rabbit's Classic story without ripping oops, infringing on his story rights.

    It is very Bunny related to very many people as The Story of smart Rabbits.
  • Posted on Author
    Yes I guess it would be realated to rabbits but only to those who know of the story. I myself have never read nor ever heard of it, hense why it has no realation to bunnies for me.
    Any other ideas???
    Thanks Again for all your help!!!
  • Posted on Member
    The Bunny Hutch
    The Rabbit Hutch
  • Posted on Member
    The Rabbit Hole
    I'm thinking cute tag lines like
    Follow me to the Rabbit Hole
    Jump into the Rabbit Hole

    Bunny Barn

    Bunnies 'R Us (would it get you sued by Toys 'R Us?)

    Bunnies Bunnines it must be Bunnies!
    (ok, only Buffy fans would get this one-any of you out there?)
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    Floppsies' Bunny Hutch.

    Bunny Tales

    Kiss a bunny between the ears (we do).

    Wink's Bunney Emporium

    Bunny's Bunnies (which leads to Bsquared).


    Rabbit seed (bunnies) <-- bad joke

    Rabbit's droppings <-- getting worse

    Carrot Top's Bunny Factory <--okay, I'm going to stop now.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network

  • Posted on Author
    So you think your funny, your right your funny!!!
    actually how's Carrot Top Rabbitry sounds kinda good doesn't
    it? I like it! Best so far!!!
  • Posted on Author
    Well I have decided Cuddly Bunny Tales Rabbitry will be the name. Thank you Darcy!
    And I would really like to thank everyone for all your great ideas and all your responses to my question.
    All of you did such a wonderful job!!
    Keep your eyes open for my new website!
    Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Posted on Member
    BTW, my friend owns Bunny Barn Rabbitry

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