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Topic: Branding

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How To Make A Logo Familiar To The Customers

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
What are the best ways to differentiate my logo from other similar logos for the same product line, I was thinking to launch a campaign to promote my logo and make the customers more familiar with it, and the problem is my competitors even got similar names!
I was thinking about give away items related to the food industry, events, ads and sponsorships, and I want to use the coming the world championship(football) in this campaign as much as I can, however I have a limited budget!!!
Please I need to hear your ideas, suggestions, and I prefer new, weird, creative ideas, because I already got all the usual technique in my mind!

  • Posted by antonio.alexandre on Accepted

    if you want to differentiate your logo you have to make it different :-)

    Unless you deliberately pursue an imitation strategy you must ensure that in order to differentiate. Furthermore maybe it would be wise to register your logos, names and all related material. Intelectual Property rights should provide you some protection.

    some questions I have:
    Whats your industry? It's essential to give you ideas, I'm afraid.
    Furthermore, do you have permission from FIFA to do your campaigns?

  • Posted by stlubahn on Accepted
    Make sure you have good graphics standards and use the logo on all areas you can, such as website, letterhead, envelopes, thank you notes, etc.

    An often overlooked area is email signatures, make sure all employees have the logo and tagline in their email signatures.

  • Posted on Author
    thanks for your replies
    well i guess i need to give more details, this company works in the food sector, like cold cuts, soups and so on, exporting was the main source of profit, after the bird flue it stopped exporting its products and decided to concentrate on the local market, but the problem as i said before the company's name is similar to other competitors, and honestly changing the logo or the name is a good idea and i agree with it, but the general manger doesn't want to change it because its already a well known name outside the local market.
    so the company needs a startegy to make the customers in the local market differentiate the name and their product how ever it has 160 different products and that also a good reason for no t changing the name or the logo.
    the only possible way is promoting the logo and the company in a wise way.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Ugh. This sounds like a major problem. Increasing awareness of brand is a tough proposition in the food sector simply because it is so crowded.

    It sound like your boss is looking to stand out and be known as something different even though you are the same as your competitors in almost every way in their eyes. All of the advertising in the world isn't going to help this. Also, simply changing a logo isn't going to help either. You need a different identity for your brand all together unless there is some really strong reason not to do this. If you begin fresh, you will capture more attention than advertising you undifferentiated brand. In the long run, this is the better investment.

    If this is completely off the table, then you need to refocus on the differentiating points of your brand as your pitch and not the brand itself. Let's face it, the food sector is pretty boring...nothing new really happens, the margins are lousy, and it is very crowded. So, the question you have to ask is if anyone care about what you want to do? If not, you need a different audience? Who are you trying to affect by advertising your logo? The store buyers or end users? You would do very different things with each one. Repositioning your brand if you are unwilling to change it graphically may be your only option. Refocus your position to get some more space to be able talk with your customers.

    If any of this isn't clear, send me a message.

  • Posted on Accepted
    I believe that you need to address two different, yet related issues:

    1. I have to agree with Jonathan. It sounds like your brand is in need of a new target position.

    You need to explore the relevance of your brand and pursue a position that sets it apart from conventional market thinking. A brand is a promise to deliver a clearly stated benefit that is relevant to consumers and sets the offering apart from competitors.

    2. A new identity doesn't have to mean abandoning the old. Global brands such as GE, Coca Cola and Apple have updated their brand identities on a regular bases. These subtle changes were designed to keep the brand's visual aesthetic current, while maintaining style and tone. If you were to compare the logo type that Coca Cola used 20 years ago, and the current version in use today, you would see a significant change. However to the average consumer this transformation was seamless.

    This tactic may appease your general manager by starting to visually separate the brand from competitors while not sacrificing brand equity.

    Mark Gallagher
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hi Evantech,

    As per your description: you have same product, same company name and same logo compare to your competitors. Thatís really strange! There should be some difference 4P - Price, Place, Product and Promotion. There are some companies holding the same name but do different operations / sale different product. After reading carefully I have few things to say:

    As you know in today's post-accession economy the food industry finds itself facing increased competition and regulation. If you have the best products in the world, but if you can't market it then you won't sell it. So the best way of the marketing is to find out what you have and what your competitors donít have it Ė competitive strategy.

    As you said your company were exporting few products - cold cuts, soups. Why donít you try to get that market again? You need to define your product again. Changing the logo wonít bring any attention from customerís side. What they want from food industry Ė clean and healthy product. Why donít you try to promote your food is healthier than competitor. Do the SWOT analysis again.

    You can update your company logo along with new promotion strategy such as packaging and discount (pricing strategy) on the product. E.g., 100g extra; you also need to get in touch with local supermarket and local shops. After all the food industry is one of the most fundamental, dynamic and innovative sectors of the global economy. Very few changes are happening in the food industry, so you need to use 4P- Price, Place, Product and Promotion to extend your market.

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor
  • Posted on Member
    I'd love to help, but would require more information, such as:

    What is your business model? How do you position, market and transact sales with customers?

    Who are your customers, specifically?

    Have you done a SWOT including key competitors?

    Other than price, are there any differentiating characteristics about your products? (quality, breadth of products, unique prep/processing, availability, etc.)

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