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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Husband & Wife Realtors With Golden Retreivers

Posted by pivey on 250 Points
I have clients that are a husband and wife real estate team. Their target market is expired listings in Ohio and they would like to develop an "out-of-the-box" marketing campaign around their "babies", Bridgette & Baxer, who are gorgeous golden retreivers.

I'm going through a "brain drought" and was hoping that you brilliant marketing minds could start me off to get my creative juices flowing. :)

Thanks in advance for your help!
Pam Ivey
Visual Persuasions Canada

P.S. I need to add that the golden retriever is Coldwell Banker's mascot so we have to stay away from the "retriever" ideas.

  • Posted by mbarber on Member
    Pam I'm not too sure what areas of media you are wanting to use or may be restricted to use. I can see billboards of ther two golden retrievers driving around hunting out a buyer for the house, but is billboard what you are after? I can hear radio ads with two dogs barking a conversation at each other and then a voice over that gives the tag line.

    I can see TV ads that build on the billboard and also ones where the dog rescues someone from down an abandoned mineshaft (with supporting V/O copy)

    But an idea of the media you want to use woud be helpful :-)
  • Posted by pivey on Author
    Hi M,
    Yes, billboards, newspaper, magazine, direct mail (postcards, flyers, etc.), website. I'm not sure about TV or radio yet. I just signed these clients on. :)
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Member bad they are the mascots...could have been fun having the dogs run out and retrieve some listings, retrieve some houses, condos, etc.

    Guess one will just have to settle with some 'family' shots of the couple with the dogs. Get a few professional shots done, high quality, and go go go go.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted on Member
    How about (underneath pictures)- Bridgette & Baxter check out the backyard of this beautiful 5 bedroom 4 bath house in lovely Surbarian Estates...

    This home is Bridgette & Baxter approved. With over 2800 square feet, there is....
  • Posted on Member
    Two Dogs in the yard life used to be so hard....
    Crosby Stills and Nash... (well almost)
  • Posted by pivey on Author
    I like the idea your working with there rbauman. I just don't think we've hit it just yet. Keep working in that direction! :)
  • Posted on Member
    Following rbauman's theme, the first thing that came to mind was "Paw of Approval", with a pawprint as the "seal" on your client's literature & materials. Of course none of their client's listings can have no paws, so a rating system would seem inappropriate.

  • Posted by pivey on Author
    Thanks everyone for your help!

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