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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name/tagline For New Trendy Cosmetics Boutique

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am opening a cosmetics boutique and need a catchy name and tagline. It will be located in the south and it is in an area where there are no sephora stores just dept. store brands. So these brands will be different than just the regular dept. store brands. I am targeting the 18-35 female market. My boutique will carry cosmetics as well as skin care products. So far, I have come up with Skin Deep ( as in who says beauty is only skin deep?) but I am not loving that!

  • Posted on Member
    Skin Care,

    Skin beauty

    Hey Beautiful

    Nice skin "for you"

    Great skin for you.

  • Posted by sd2187 on Member
    woman of status
  • Posted by MANSING on Member
    Hi Rogersshana,

    Try this,

    1. Seven star boutique
    2. (Your name/place/culture/country / interesting name/lucky name ) cosmetics boutique
    3. Beautifying boutique
    4. Paris welBeauty
    5. Skin care cosmetics
    6. New Look
    7. Covent Garden
    8. Beauty Square


    1. Serving to beautify the body
    2. Improve the appearance of a physical feature,
    3. A new Look

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor

  • Posted on Accepted
    You know after reading all the other suggestions and thinking about it... I believe you were on to something with the Skin Deep idea. There are so many ways you could go with that.. and skin deep is already imbedded into the daily language...

    Re think ... Skin Deep...
  • Posted on Accepted
    Yes, Yes, Yes! Skin Deep is perfect. Try this tagline:

    Skin Deep- For a beautiful first impression.
  • Posted on Member
    "Let us help YOU bring it out"

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