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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Name For Women's Networking Group

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Friend launching a women's ("wine") group, which will be social primarily -- a great way to network, but fun oriented, not biz laden. They will raise money for various charities, but it's NOT a non-profit. Cannot contain word: Wine, Vino or any geographic orientation (ie Austin or Texas) Not all events will revolve around wine. She also doesn't want to use Sassy (at least in the main name) The demographic is 30-something ++, professional who likes to have fun. Name has to be available with .com and .org

here's their goal in her words..."group that wasn't about business, but about women getting together to make personal connections with each other. Where you can meet other women who share common interests or find someone who wants to learn something new. At the same time, working to make our community a better place to be."

  • Posted on Member
    Women Link
    Women Bonding
    Women Connecting Women
    Women’s Friendship Union
    Women’s Amity Alliance
  • Posted on Member

    "venus women" or "men not allowed"
  • Posted on Member
    What about:
    circle of friends or circle of sisters?
  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    Maybe these will help as well. Some good ideas up here already. The challenge I was finding items with available domains. If you like some of the ideas above, you can try adding women, woman, network or connection in the domain, and even if those words are not part of the name of the group, I believe it could still work for you.

    Vintage Women's Network (vintage playing off the wine aspect)

    Growing Season ( (the wine connection is pretty obvious here)

    Life Taste Connection (wine tasting, connecting with other women, experiencing life)

    Taste Life (

    Common Tastes Networking
    "Common Tastes, Uncommon Women"

    Hope this helps. Maybe these will spark some more ideas from MProfs profs.

    Best Regards,

    XPRT Creative
  • Posted on Member
    Lotty Dolls

    Savvy Divas
  • Posted on Member
    Blue Bonnet Good Ole Girls - we wine while the boys whine
  • Posted on Accepted
    Are they sure? LadyPalooza is way better than Femmetastics! (which looks too much like metastasize...)

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