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Topic: Branding

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What Is Brand Repositioning And Re-branding?

Posted by Anonymous on 30 Points

Hi All,

I'd like to know what is the differnece between brand repositioning and rebranding? Are they the same thing?

Additionally based on the informaiton given below i would like to know if 'Engro' can be regarded as a repositioned brand.

"Engro - is a pakistan based company whose core business is manufacturing and marketing of chemical fertilizers. In 2005 as a part of diversification process they launched Engro Foods Limited (EFL). Engro Foods has entered the Food business through milk processing and sale with the company’s vision to pursue growth opportunities based on country fundamentals and own strength. It launched its packaged UHT milk, Olpers on 20 Mar, 2006. "

  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Repositioning is the act of redefining the placement of a company and/or product. Positioning involves:

    • Placement within a market segment – In which segments does the product/service play?

    • Placement of the product relative to other products/services categories and application – What are upstream and downstream in the supply chain with respect to the product/service? Is the product/service high value or low value with respect to other product/services used by the customers?

    • Placement versus competitors' products/services – How well does the product/service satisfy the customers’ needs versus the competition?

    • Placement of the product/services in terms of features and benefits - Is the product/service high performance or basic in features and benefits? What is the value proposition for the product/service versus the competitors?

    • Placement in the sales channel – How is the product sold by whom to whom?

    • Placement in the minds of decision makers and influencers – For those who make the “buy” decision, is the product/service critical or a commodity? Does it represent a major determiner for success and therefore involved in a major part of their daily activities for buyers and influencers?

    Some marketing folks may think of "rebranding" as the act of coming up with new logos, name, tag lines, colors, packaging, etc. Or it could mean to some purchasing a product manufactured by someone else and putting your own brand on it. And it's always possible that "rebranding" could mean to someone the same thing as repositioning - taken very loosely.

    As far as Engro - EFL is a brand extension. This is where you use established brand recognition to launch other products/services. Generally, brand extensions are more successful when they are closely related to the initial product.

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted on Member

    The way i see it 'repositioning' is positioning the brand second time. You change one or all aspect of your original positioning strategy due, for instance, to changing dynamics of the markets.

    Rebranding is similar to this but it focuses on brand identity. For instance, instead of being a brand associated with X you now create a new identity so that your brand is associated with a Y. Rebrading is more about the brand image, visiuals, perceptions and associations. Thats how I see it :)

    Kind regards,
  • Posted on Member
    As the above have already suggested, towards the middle the terms are interchangeable, but rebranding could mean creating an entirely different name as well as proposition.

    For instance, global companies often re-brand in specific countries so that the product has the same name in each country - e.g. Opal Fruits became Starburst, and Marathon bar became Snickers.

    When one company acquires another, it has the choice as to whether to keep the other company's brand names, or bury them.

    Repositioning works within the given brand name - e.g. Lucozade was repositioned as a sports energy drink, away from its original positioning as a restorative for sick people.

    Brand extension is when you take a brand and extend it into a new product/service category:
  • Posted on Author
    Thankyou All for your valued input. However my thougts on this have given rise to 2 more quesitons.

    1 - Can rebranding be a part of repositioning efforts?

    2- What points should one consider while evaluating a given brand's repositioning?
  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Rebranding definitely could (and probably would) be a part of repositioning. Points to consider for evaluating a given brand's repositioning are the same as those you'd consider when defining the position and brand strategy in the first place - see above. In addition, for ALL marketing activities, you MUST consider the customers. If you are repositioning, you must consider the existing customers that you would like to MOVE to the new repositioned brand and you must consider the new customers you may be targeting. You look at their needs, their emotional influencers (words and images that affect their buying decision), where they look for information to make the "intellectual" part of the buy decision. And as with ALL marketing, you look at the competition - strengths, weaknesses, how they satisfy the customers' needs and where they don't - with repositioning, you could pick up new competition. And then you look at your company's SWOT. You also have to look at product/service strategy and definition because chances are that in the repositioning, you have to change the product/service definition.

    So basically, when you reposition, you have to tear up your old marketing strategy and start fresh.

  • Posted on Member
    Engro! yes i know this is one of the greatest company of pakistan. i hope you will get the answer of your question from following discussion. well about your question
    about repositioning, remember one thing, You should only try to re-position a brand when the market changes. It's not a game to play on daily basis.for example Philip Morris repositioned its Morbolo cigarettes from feminine to masculine when they found that masculine is a big market(although marlboro was not that much strongly positioned as feminine so that was a easy task.) for brands which are strongly positioned should use this strategy very carefully
    about brand building.well in short it is all about to position your brand as a best in a category for example.IBM is a leaders in computer category so Dell get a niche of market and become the leader in "direct home delivery" category.if u need more suggestion im sure i can help u out as i have seen lots of flaws in your OLPERS product positioning.feel free to contact on or or
  • Posted on Member
    1 - Can rebranding be a part of repositioning efforts?
    YES u can say i gave u an example of repositioning. the essence of any brand is to get it positioned and then keep on emphasizing it.

    2- What points should one consider while evaluating a given brand's repositioning?
    i told u some points in my first answer. well there are host of points we can discuss. u must be from pakistan some where. why dont we have a meeting and talk live about it in more detail.what do u do by the way?

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