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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Tagline For Psychology Practice

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
We are a group of psychologists, providing a full range of counselling and assessment through the lifespan- children, adults seniors couples etc. We work for public, insurance agencies, courts, lawyers.

Focus on wellbeing and health, many campaigns have focused recently on the mind/body health connection.
Whilst encompassing these concepts we are looking for a catchy short tagline.

If you are not experiencing good mental emotional health , physical health can often suffer. Living life the way you want to rather than letting life drag you down. Understanding why we react to stress the way we do.

Any ideas----------Kathy

  • Posted on Member
    Guiding you to a better life

    Easing life's journey

    Inner peace; better health
  • Posted on Author
    the primary focus is on wellbeing and health---solutions focused

    I also like the idea of concepts along the lines of e.g.

    change, growth, transformation

  • Posted on Member

    I wasn't sure if you were indicating I "missed the mark", or if you were just providing some more information to work with.
  • Posted on Author
    A bit of both I suppose, the concept "guiding you to a better life" has elements... but sounds a bit too "spiritual" or holier than though... psychologists work together with the client to help them find the answers , or solve their difficulties..
    Easing life's journey sounds a bit too much of struggling with a illness and again a bit too religious sounding.

    Inner peace, better health ...

    Peace of mind, better health better ---I like the mind connection...

    I threw in the 'change" think as It embodies the directions I have been thinking
  • Posted on Accepted
    Helping you change your mind :)

    Minding your well being

    Hopefully, my colleagues will jump in soon with more ideas. They just aren't coming to me right now.
  • Posted by tdbill on Member
    Overall Health Through Piece of Mind

    Changing Your Mind Over Matter

    Finding the Answers to Minding Your Health

  • Posted by callyway on Accepted
    Some quick ideas (will think on this more though):

    Transforming minds, healing hearts

    Guiding transformation through collaboration
    (something shorter than collaboration is needed, I think)

    Transforming lives: every age, every one

  • Posted on Author
    I like some of the ways this is going;

    Transforming minds ,healing hearts... the healing hearts sounds a bit too smushy

    I like this direction Transforming lives, every age every one....

    Helping you change your mind is great but has been overdone
    minding your wellbeing good too.

    The transformation through collaboration.. collaboration.. too cumbersome another word maybe
  • Posted on Member
    helping you achieve inner peace

    leading the path of transformation

    guiding you on the path of transformation

  • Posted on Member
    Working toward your light bulb moment

    Working towards revelations

    Helping you see yourself as you should...happy

    See yourself happy

    (I chose working because my experience with my therapist is lots and lots of work)

  • Posted by The Radial Group on Accepted
    My firm works exclusively with health and wellness businesses.

    You said in your post that you work for insurance agencies, courts, and lawyers as well as the public.

    Which is your *primary* target? Consumers or these organizations? Your key marketing message (something businesses often try to capture in their tagline) would vary depending on who your primary target is.

    And, why do you think you need a tagline? Is your firm currently not attracting enough of the right clients?

    If not, a tagline's probably not the answer. It's usually very difficult to attribute business growth to a tagline.

    Business growth for counseling practices usually occurs as a result of marketing strategies based on word-of-mouth, referral and credibility-enhancing visibility. While it's usually considered unethical to ask counseling patients/clients for referrals, you can certainly seek referrals from sources like attorneys, insurance carriers, etc.

    In many states licensed counseling practices are banned from engaging in many traditional marketing practices - don't know if this applies to you or not. But public speaking on general topics of interest which display your special interests/expertise is virtually always acceptable and is an excellent way of increasing your visibility and credibility.

    For example, you could talk about the process of performing a psych evaluation to a group of trial lawyers.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you need a sounding-board. We've also got a free weekly newsletter with business advice that might be helpful to you - check our website to subscribe.

    Good luck,

    Leslie Nolen
    The Radial Group
    Business expertise for the wellness industry
  • Posted on Member
    B'coz being healthy is actually a state of mind.
    Transforming the mind holistically.The body will follow.
    Therapeutic Psychology through mind-body equilibrium
    Seeking equilibrium in LivingnLoving.
    Health defines destiny. More so for mental health.
  • Posted on Member
    Putting your mind at ease and your health first
  • Posted on Member
    Change, Grow, Think
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the many helpful comments.
    My reason of developing a tagline is not to stimulate more referrals.

    Building an awareness within the community through further developing our identity is where I am going with this.

    Marketing for psychologists is a bit of a dirty word. An awareness of psychology as a profession and the services that are provided is a growing niche/// need ( which in my own little corner of the world I am trying to contribute too)! Not so long ago Chiropractors were quite invisible not so anymore.
    Even so we have developed a website which is a growing source for referrals within the 20- 45 year old sector. We have learned not to market through newspapers, have developed a psychoeducational newsletter which is available both in print and in electronic form and produced 6 -8 times a year. Always receptive to learn and find new ways to bring in buisness, we do not want to becoame stale.

    The reason for looking for ideas for a tagline, is to find something that provides a " connection"( in peoples heads) to us. A branding further development I suppose. APA coined, Helping you to help yourselves.

    What make us different from our competitors? Our attention to service- our group is not too big not too small. We feel we go the extra mile, we get results, we have built a comfortable friendly environment a place of safety. We choose only the most skilled communicators as therapists because building relationships and trust is the foundation of a successful therapeutic partnership.

    We work on creating a presence in the community, through free presentations, interviews, school events.
  • Posted by rjohnni on Member
    Mind. Sound. Body

    And live happily everafter.

    Clear Minds. Better Lives

  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    Perhaps something based on what most of your clients are likely hoping for:

    Smith Psychology Clinic
    'Helping You Find Answers'

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