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Topic: Student Questions

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Need Research Topics For Completing Mba Degree.

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need to submit two good marketing topics for research. Its a research work of 20,000 words which needs to be submitted inorder to complete my MBA program. The broad categories given are International marketing / Branding / Distribution channels. KINDLY SUGGEST ME two good research topics which may be feasable to take it up.

  • Posted on Author
    Members and experts Pls respond.
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Member
    Tise_m (name?),

    You would need to talk a bit more to allow the members and experts to respond to your question. In such a scenario, we would suggest topics which we think are good in our respective markets, and we like doing...

    Certain questions which you would need to answer before moving ahead...

    Which Country do you belong to? Which are the markets you have access to?
    What is the orientation of the research paper - What level of research is expected?
    Which geographies do you intend to restrict yourself to?
    What are your interest areas? What are your strengths which you would want to venture into?

    Suggesting topics in International Marketing or Branding or Distribution Channels would just simply throw up ideas which might or might not be pertinent to your work.

    I would recommend you come up with your interest areas and what you intend to focus on - and am sure experts here would be able to help you out..

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted on Member
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks Puru for your valuable suggestion...
    To explain more on the Problem, as said its a 20,000 word research project which need to submitted for completion of MBA degree. I am from Bangalore, India. and have taken up Marketing specialization in final sem. My Intrest is in International Marketing and also in distribution( These were the suggested broad topics by University under which we can choose any topic). I have a strong liking for client service mgmt and Account Mgmt as I have some prior exp in it. This research is at the Masters level - an accademic research. I have access to domestic markets but if a suitable topic is suggested, then International markets are also accesable in the form of email & chats with my friends abroad.

    Hope this information helps the experts to respond to my question !!!

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Thanks for the information. Definitely provided me some orientation for the suggestions..

    Looking at your interests and the markets, I would recommend a research in the Retail Space in the country. Considering that you are in Bangalore and a major portion of the procurement hubs are located in that area, you could cover something in Retail research with data from Retailers like Tesco HSC, Wal-mart GPS,etc.

    Again, since International Marketing and Distribution are you key focus areas, coupled with Account Management, this would be an ideal area to work on.

    For instance, apart from local sourcing, some of the categories by these retailers would be centrally sourced, or would be sourced from neighboring countries, like China, Bangladesh, etc.

    What are the Tax implications of the same? What is the structure of Supply Chain for the same? With the multi-tiered structure of the country, what should be the ideal roll out plan? Considering Engel's law is applicable in China, would it be applicable in India also? - This might have a serious implication on the Store Designs and shelf spacing for the Giant Retailers, subsequently.

    These are some of the areas you could explore. In case you would like to discuss more on this, please feel free to contact me, or discuss it here.

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the help provided Puru and Amy. Though I didnot have exact answers to what I asked for, I think I have got a direction in which way to proceed.

    Thanks for the help once again ...


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