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Topic: Branding

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Brand Bible Guidelines And Sample

Posted by dochi on 125 Points
I have recently been asked to develop a "Brand Bible". While I've seen these at conferences, I don't have a sample or outline to follow. Does anybody have any recommendations on this front?

If it helps, we are a US based company doing business in Southeast Asia so if there are international concerns, your thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you!

Desired deliverables:

1). Thoughts on brand bibles
2). Template for building our own Brand Bible.

  • Posted on Member
    What Is the product? Are you looking to create guidelines for logo usage, and core styles, etc?
  • Posted by dochi on Author
    The product line is composed primarily of consumer products. It is a very large brand entering a new marketplace. Items such as toys, branded personal care products, DVD, music, etc. It is very broad. We are looking to create a complete brand bible. Logo usage and core styles are part of it. Does the "bible" normally include brand concepts and visions as part of the format?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Don't call it a brand bible in SE Asia! Consider brand guidelines or even simply "the brand book".

    Make this electronic and ensure that you and the users can update it easily. Include a paragraph on the purpose or objective of each section and why it is important to the company and the user in language that they can understand (not corporate-speak but "what's in it for me")! Use a lot of DO and DON'T tips that quickly summarize the "rules".

    This document should include the following:

    highlights of the brand
    philosophy (positioning)
    summary of market research findings
    corporate image standards
    logo, font*, style guidelines (size, proportion, colour palette**, how product shots are taken, what icons can be used...)
    * some fonts that convey a particular image may not be relevant in SE Asia
    ** pantone is not the only standard out there - make sure you include equivalent local standards as well as the colours for different media
    any standards around page layouts (keep international sizes and formats in mind)
    rules surrounding cross-promotions, sponsorships, affiliations, charitable donations

    I would suggested having PDF templates of the following to make it easier for everyone:

    presentations/sales pitches
    packaging guidelines
    consolidated marketing literature including historical marketing for reference
    advertising guidelines
    dealer support material available: digital ads featuring logos in B/W, on dark background, on light background, different logo orientiations, multiracial photos, bank of copy material customized for regions --> British English vs American English
    promotional material and how to source it or order it from a central location
    trade show standards, booth designs, booths that are available and how to book/reserve one
    web standards, cross-linking standards, use of content by customers...

    Common mistakes to avoid:
    - legal/letter size vs A4
    - words like hoarding and flyover vs billboard and overpass
    - ethnocentric images/copy
    - newspaper ad styles
    - giving examples of the approved way without showing examples of the NON-approved way
    - not involving local marketers in the development of your book
    - neglecting to keep the head office marketers in the loop

    We had ours posted on an intranet. This way there was always a fresh copy for everyone to refer to.

    Good luck,

    ethnicomm inc.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Ethnicomm, put it perfect! That is what my brand book is.
  • Posted by dochi on Author
    Thank you for the excellent feedback. This is a great start. Does anybody have a sample that I can see? This is a great outline, but seeing one in action would also be beneficial. If this needs to remain confidential, please let me know how I can obtain it privately.

    Thank you!
  • Posted on Member
    Look for "public" sites like universities and colleges- they usually list their brand guidelines.

    ethnicomm inc.
  • Posted by Ali Mustafa on Accepted
    Hi Dochi

    I found one for you after doing google search for brand guidelines, Its almost the same what i made it for my company, hope this will help you, go thru the link below if its not helpfull just PM me i'l send you my companys brand guideline.

    dochi why not contact your advertising agency they will make one for you.

    best regards


  • Posted by dochi on Author
    Superb and timely responses. Thank you!

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