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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Insurance Agency

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am assisting a local insurance agency with a redesign of their web site and marketing materials.

They would like to update their tagline to reflect their unique value proposition. In addition to providing commercial and personal lines of insurance, they also offer financial services, employee benefits programs (including payroll processing) -- and a host of IT Services that can help their clients with data protection, e-mail security, etc. The IT Services are particularly unique for an insurance agency to offer its clients.

They want to convey the message that one business partner can provide all of these services. I plan to use the new tagline to develop long term marketing campaigns (e-mail and direct mail) to remind their current clients about all the services they offer (some use only the HR or Insurance and may not be aware of the IT Services, for instance.)

Their current tagline is Business Solutions For A Changing World.

Hope this is enough to get you started!

  • Posted on Member
    Unique packages for all your business demands

    comprehensive, unique packages for all your business needs

    unique packages for all your business needs

  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the ideas.

    I've been tossing around concepts with "one" and "multiple" -- multiple demands, one business partner

    I want to emphasize that their customers don't have to go to multiple vendors to satisfy all their business needs.... but I'm struggling to put this in a tagline.
  • Posted on Member
    Since the services are not what a customer normally expects from an insurance company, it might be helpful to include all the services in the tag and use the old tag for continuity.

    Insurance, Human Resources, Information Technology for your business.

    Insurance, Human Resources, Information Technology for a changing world.

    Another thought might be to split the brands - ie if your company is "XYZ"

    XYZ Insurance
    XYZ HR - Payroll, Benefits, Consulting
    XYZ IT - Networks, Security, Email

    THen...come to XYZ for complete business solutions.

    XYZ, our business is your business.

    XYZ, our business is knowing your business.

    XYZ, our business is supporting your business.

    XYZ, our business is _______ your business.

    Good Luck - see my profile to email me

  • Posted on Author
    Thanks, retail.

    I need to think on these suggestions for a few days and play around with some variations.
  • Posted on Author
    thetarg -

    In response to your "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" comment...

    This is a very successful insurance agency who actually does have an in-house IT dept. This is a very large agency so it would be no more unusual than a company of the same size to have an IT dept to support their internal user base. Since the agency only serves a major metropolitan area (vs a state or region), they can also provide IT services to their customer base (data backups, e-mail security, etc)

    The challenge is that many of their customers (like those who use payroll processing) may not be aware of the other insurance or financial services available for their business.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted on Member
    More tha just Insurance.

    Insurance is just a part of our offerings

    We do maore than insurance.

  • Posted on Author
    I appreciate everyone's responses and suggestions, but I haven't found one that really fits the message I need to convey.

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