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Team Buying (tuangou) What Are Your Views?

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Hi everyone!

I'm taking a break from all my assignments, projects and presentations to spend/share some points. ^_<

From this article, it seems like team buying had been around since 2006 and I just came across this concept during my marketing lecture recently.

So, is anyone out there in this forum tracking such internet activity? Has a newer version of team buying evolved? (My brief google search shows mostly newspaper reports dated 2006 with cases in China) Is it happening in Europe, US? Do u think it will pick up?

What are you views about this concept where consumers rally to increase their buying power? A threat or a change for good? Do you think it will continue to evolve or die off?

Open to everyone, I love to hear from your perspectives ^_^

PS- Moderater, if I don't get back in time to distribute the points. Could u kindly help me distribute them? Thanks in advance!!

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    Wow, thanks for the insights Puru ^_<
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    Ok, I'm closing this question. I hope everyone had a good insight from Puru ^_^

    Have fun!
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    ^_^ thanks Palak for your interests!

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