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Ideas For Company's 25th Anniversary

Posted by adamw on 125 Points
Our company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. Our marketing team has come up with several ideas but we would love to get more ideas from this forum.

We want to do something for employees and for our clients/business partners. To give you some background, we are a small business with approximately 150 employees at headquarters and 8 much smaller branch offices across the U.S. We are a distributor of wireless phones and services, primarily serving small, independent wireless retailers.


  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Accepted

    Celebrations are great. Just be careful that it is not so consuming or defining that year 25 is your last - I mean keep it in perspective and there should be many more anniversaries and milestones to celebrate and acknowledge. When too much emphasis is placed on one event (even if it last more than one day), it becomes larger than life and is hard to move on from that point.


  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    There's no one idea that will be popular for everyone (with the exceptions of giving away money and days off).

    If the goal is to build a business community - then create a scrapbook of the last 25 years (online). Pictures, videos, ads, press releases, essays, reviews from the last 25 years. For you clients, create the scrapbook - and send them a hardcopy version, signed by all your employees (or at least upper management) with a big "thank you".
  • Posted by Tracey on Accepted
    I'd suggest picking a theme that enforces your brand values. You can use the anniversary party as an opportunity to build goodwill internally -- motivating employees, thanking them, and ensuring they understand how to represent your brand.

    So, pick a theme, visualize it, and try to incorporate that theme into all your activities, tagline, decorations, gifts, etc. It's important to provide a "take-home" message that sticks after the event is over.

    Here's an event idea - You could create a photo slideshow set to music and project it as a background at the event.
  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    I do think a anniversary logo would be in order.

    I also like the idea of sending clients a thank you for their role in your company's success. You can find things that are inexpensive and creative to do both. Recently, I saw a little box with shredded paper in it -- the box was shaped like a chinese food takeout box, but it was much smaller. Inside with the shredded paper was a fortune cookie with a message about a staff appreciation day celebration coming up - it was like an invitation. It made the employees feel special, and people brought them home and gave them to their kids. Announce the "celebration" party -- the type and place of gathering will depend on your company's culture and of course budget for the event.

    At the very least, a creative item sent to your clients and the inclusion of your new 25th anniversary logo on all publications is a great start. IMHO, the rest depends on your company culture...

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative

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