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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Wacky, Catchy, Fun Names For A Cafe.

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points

I am thinking and asking around for possible names for my cafe project. I am looking for some CATCHY names, which is fun, easy to pronounce and also easy to remember. I need a name and a tag line to go with it.

This cafe is targeting at people at age 18 - 32. A place for friends to hang around, chit chat, have fun and play games. The theme is FUN and GAMES.

I have some names which were suggested to me, and some of my ideas.

BrainStir Cafe - Stir Your Brain In The Games
Chatter Box - Have Fun Sharing
The Hangout - Save Yourself From Getting Hanged
Extreme Hideaway - Free From Stress
Viva Bistro - The Cheerful People

Please give me your comments to the ideas above. I greatly appreciate if anyone could give me fresh new ideas. My mind is blowing! >.< BOOM~

Some people like the names, some dont and some dont care. They told me that its too boring and old fashioned. What do you think? Any ideas? A Brand out of the name.

Thanks in Advance. =)

God Bless,

  • Posted on Accepted
    probably u need to check with the people who will be actual target to this
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Jin, Believe me or not, deciding a proper name is very very crucial. So don't think it is boring or a waste exercise. Reason being, customers mind, intentionally or unintentionally start drawing an impression/a picture about the product or service with all available information to him. And name is the first available information!! The name should be something what you want to communicate to your consumer on first hand. A name should be short, precise, and most imporatantly connected to your service/goods. "The hangout" is a good option. Other option could be "Relax point" or "Fun Den".
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    CAFE (as in a crossword puzzle)

    Brain Food
    Game Den
    I'm Game To Eat
    Play With Your Food
  • Posted on Author

    Thanks for the fast reply!! =)
    I am kinda new. So i have lots to learn from you guys.

    Yea..Sumi, i too thought that "The Hangout" is simple and nice. And i like the word "Den" you suggested, but i need to ask around for opinion to it, as Den sounds like a hideout for gambling.

    And Jay...Thanks! I like the tag line. "Play With Your Food". Hahaha...sounds fun. "Beat Your Friend & Play Your Food" Hahah...FUN! What do you guys think?

    Thank you too Vic. =D
    "Fun & Games Cafe" is very straight forward, but i need some names or words to attract younger crowds. As younger crowds are more attracted to exciting, fun and wacky names. Catchy.

    "The Hangout" which i think is good when people have to say "Let's go to The Hangout".

    I saw a pub somewhere called "My Home". But once when i told my friends that i am at My Home, they actually ended up going to my place and knock on the door.Hahaha... =D
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Terminal VeloCITY - JumpStart Your Senses!!

    Terminal - as in a Station and T Velocity maximum speed.
    Tag-This would be good for taste and mental charges/Boosts!

    Stir It Up! Making things happen since ....(add your start date)

    Good Luck
  • Posted on Author
    Terminal VeloCITY!!
    Wooo!! Sounds very fast and furious.
    Exciting!! =D

    But is it suitable if i dont have any computer games?
    What you others think about these names?
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you very much for your idea "dbokatzian". I appreciated it. And yes! the word is "interactivity". My idea is about a cafe, not only for friends to come togather to chat (i dont have so much to say to my friends), but also to have fun and interact with each other or even make new friends in the process. So to me the name is very important to reflect the fun and the interactity. Games and togather-ness.

    Although I dont hate coffee( not a die hard fan of coffee either ), i know that there will be lots of other yummy and fun drinks at my cafe. =P Not aiming to serve full course meals, but provide portions of special pastries, snacks and finger foods.

    What do you think? Any more names to fit this fun culture cafe? =D PLEASE give me more ideas!!! >.<

    Someone told me that a name for the business is not at all important. And she told me Haagen Daz dosen't spells ice cream. Can you agree with this statement? I can't.

  • Posted on Accepted
    In my college days there was a cafe called; "The HUT"!

    And another called; "The CHAT & CHEW"!

    Both were "Gathering Places" to "Hang Out", chat and eat snacks.

    Don Alm
    Advantage Marketing
    Roseburg, Oregon

    "50 Ways To Make $50,000/Yr"
    [URL deleted by staff]
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Jay..."play with your food"? That's great.
  • Posted on Author
    People Out There. >.<
    Any more suggestions??
    I really need more.

    Sob Sob. =(

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