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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For Handmade Jewelry Company

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hello! I'm doing my first jewelry show next week, and need a new company first choice was Carrie On Jewelry, but turns out no one can spell carrie correctly...=) my second was Do Bead Do, but i was told by another group of marketing gurus that it was possibly the worst name EVER in the history of names being chosen....since i need business cards etc printed up ASAP, I need help with a nice catchy name...with easy

ideas anyone?

thanks in advance


  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    If you had one more bead and one more do. It would be perfect: do bead do bead do. Nothing wrong with that, lady. That's good marketing stuff.

  • Posted by pank575 on Accepted
    Hey Carrie,
    First of all congrats & best of luck for your new venture!
    You need different, simple & catchy name to differentiate & attract the potential customers!
    Now..let's decide the theme...what about - 'precious'! Isn't jewelry precious? is!

    So, My Suggestion is:

    "My Precious"!

    (In fact, its a famous quote from Lord of the rings(Both movie and the novel). And its related to great attraction of people towards a golden ring!...if your potential customers link your store name with Lord of the rings..then its gonna create a lot of hype!)
  • Posted on Author
    thanks webgurl....thats a neat name...but i worry about whether or not people can figure out the spelling of it! was originally dobeaddobeaddo....and i'll keep that domain name as well....and *I* really liked it, but shortened it to dobeaddo because i was told how awful everyone thought it

    pank75...thats cute! loved lord of the rings...the domain is taken, but i might play with that one a bit longer...

    any other ideas?

  • Posted on Author
    thanks slippers is neat...

    thanks dbokatzian...beading a dead horse just cracked me up! lol....and killer beads is is strung! thanks!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Beady Eyes
    Don't Worry - Bead Happy
    Beading Beauties
  • Posted by pank575 on Member
    Hi Carrie,

    You may opt for the domain name - ''!
    It would be much clearer & less confusing! And even though its, already, can buy it through any of the domain name brokerage services.
  • Posted on Accepted
    How about...

    Exquisite Collection
    Bohemian Story
    Jewel Stone
    Beads Story
    Dazzling Creation
    The C Collection

    I love handmade jewelry! They have a very unique personal touch. Good luck on your business =D

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