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Topic: Branding

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Launch Promotions Ideas For Telcom Company

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hello all,
I work for a Telecommunications firm that provides Business Process Outsourcing services. We have 12 centers in across Canada and clients in Canada and the US. We're currently in the process of redesigning our website and rebranding our corporate identity(redesign of company logo and new tag line). I need ideas for promoting the new identity both internally and externally. We have an annual sales conference every year and we'll be launching the new brand identity there. The audience will consist of our CEO, CFO, VPs, Head office staff(acct, mktg, pr) and Sales Force. It's post conference I'm worried about. Is there something I can do at the conference that will generate viral effect, which will cause the attendees to take the information back to their branches and create excitment and buzz about our new site and logo? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


  • Posted on Author
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to post a response. The company has been in it's most recent carnation for 6 years. All together the company is approx. 25 years old. It's the people and our customer service that continue to add to our years of success. Maybe we need to go back to the basics.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Have an employee contest. In 100 words or less, give examples of tagline-inspired (actual) client stories. Or, create a find-the-logo game on your website (every day, hide a logo on a different page/location) - employees email where it was found (in context of the other text) (it'll get people used to the new navigation, etc.).
  • Posted on Author
    Hi Jay,
    That's an excellent idea! Thank you!
  • Posted on Member
    If you can make them WANT it. Put the name, logo and tag line on stuff they want. So not on pens and key chains...but better stuff they might WANT.

    Also, if you can build "well, it's not official yet but when it is, you'll be in the loop."

    And...think of having a funeral for the old name...bury the old sign at the foot of the building. This sort of thing helps people "get over it" and move on.
  • Posted by EnvisionTheNew on Member
    Website redesigns and new logos have an internal shelf life of about 15 seconds. That is about how long you can expect employees to stay interested in it. Customers only care if it really reveals, in a creative way, a significant value they have come to love. Is your new brand expressing values they have come to love, or is it window dressing?

    What you need is a story to connect your new brand ideas to real life.

    How about giving one employee a video camera and the task of documenting how the new website and tag line are helping people communicate? Start with the CEO and work through the company, vendors, customers. Show the good the bad and the ugly by posting a new installment everyday.

    As your story unfolds, the true value will be expressed. Everyone will love it and respect you for being so open and real.

    An office furniture design company used a similar strategy to grow revenue by $5,000,000 in one year - from $21 - 26 million. Total cost; $25,000 to produce six videos. Ford Modeling Agency had even better results at a cost of about $250 per 1 - 2 minute video.
  • Posted on Author
    I love it. It engages and creates a strong connection. Thanks for you post.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all for contributing to my dilemma. I appreciate all your wonderful suggestions and will definitely be putting them into action.


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