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Topic: Strategy

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How To Market Dental Clinic & Dental Care Services

Posted by Anonymous on 75 Points
One of my friend is having a Dental Clinic at Pune which is A+ city in India.The clinic is located at heart of the city & is well equipped with all modern equipments for providing class dental health care.
The clinic which was established around 2 years back is having consistent but below expectation revenue level.
The doctors running clinic have tried arranging free dental check up camps at schools,private organisations,etc & results are not much encouraging.

At present the patients they have are more of relatives,friends & the one developed through word of mouth.

Can any one suggest short term as well long term marketing / strategic plan & critical executional aspects of increasing revenues multifold in matter of few months?

No doubt it's a tough task.But still they believe that well planned efforts in right direction will boost the revenues.

Seek your advise as how to deal with concern over poor revenue.

  • Posted on Accepted

    Develope a marketing program, one that talks about a variety of benefits the practice offers...

    Easty-to-reach localation
    The latest modern equipment
    Highly qualified, expertly trained dentists
    Convenient hours
    Pain managed dentistry

    Oh, and don't put all those eggs in one basket, one ad. Present each benefit in a separate ad, in various ads that then become a campaign, a series of almost constant reminders that this dental practice provides benefits far beyond what other dentists provide.

    If they depend on referals, particularly from friends and relatives, growth is not likely to happen. Be aggressive. Invest some money in building the business. You always have to tell the world how much better you are than your competition, regardless of what kind of product or service you're selling.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    How do people choose a dentist? If you think about it, they might consider proximity, name, school the dentist went to. Lots of ways, but how SHOULD they choose?

    We did a campaign for a dentist in my are who had gotten zero response for 3 years. We changed his advertising to one that describes the RIGHT way to evaluate dentists and on the first DAY the ad ran, he got 10 responses and 3 brand new clients.

  • Posted by Roxana on Accepted
    First of all, does the Clinic has a big sign in the street with emergency phone call and always an open door?
    The clients usually live or work in the neighbourhood.
    People are afraid of dentists because of expensive, painfull, time consuming works. They will go only if they are in pain or they have lost a tooth. Maybe you can work on promoting good quality prices, unpainful work, fast results. Btw, your best clients might be old and need protetic works and you looked for them in wrong places.
    But if your clinic is so high class, you might consider offering cosmetic dentistry to upper society and you need a website, advertising. For example, offer a free whitening session in a women magazine (contest or for everybody). (Whitening is not complete in one session)
  • Posted by CarolBlaha on Accepted
    In my experience with my client docs-- we get the biggest most sustainable growth with referrals. Docs that patients know and trust will ask for referrals for areas outside their practice all the time.

    A lot of marketing companies say flood the area with postcards, and I get two or 3 a month -- all with something for free. Its like overfarming a field, its overdone and impossible for one doc to stand out. The only exception I'd make is new relocations. That list I'd buy, and contact. If your new staff is without a lot to do-- and as a newby this is probably the case-- I'd have them pick up the phone and call them to introduce your doc.

    I also work with my docs staff to personally call the existing patients who haven't been in for a while and to personally make them aware of new procedures that would benefit them. So as a newby, make sure your record keeping is designed with that in mind.

    Patients change docs mainly because they don't feel they get the personal attention from the staff or the doc. So as a new doc, you have a fresh start and its where you can make a difference.

    Sell Well and Prosper tm

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