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Probate Lawyer - How To Attract Probate Cases?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am a probate lawyer & I'm trying to figure out how to attract more probate cases (administering a person's estate after they die). I'm not active in a church, which would probably be one good referral source (the ministers/rabbis/priests). And it seems "crass" to solicit referrals from funeral directors (assuming they would even be a good referral source).

So ... any ideas on a logical place to start marketing probate services? Who might be a "trusted family advisor" that would be contacted after a person dies? How would I form a referral relationship (I have good relationships for estate planning [wills & trusts] - most of my clients have living trusts that I've created for them, so I can't wait until they "mature" and probate their estates (if I've done my job for my clients, there won't be a probate).

THANKS for any help you might offer!

  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    My first thought is contacting funeral homes and mortuary companies. One of the many questions people ask and/or mention while making funeral arrangements is "how are we going to pay for this" and "what are we going to do with his/her property?". Perhaps a referral agreement with a few funeral homes could help get some business rolling.

    Of course, this would require careful planning and a delicate strategy. Please feel free to contact me for additional information regarding how we may serve you.

    I have to step out for a little bit, but will be back to check on this post and my email.

    Thank you!
  • Posted by mbarber on Member
    I'd be looking at Nursing homes and aged care places as a good place to start BUT the key is in ensuring that you include the family members in the process.

    So the idea suggested above of information through seminars is a great one.

    But just pitching for business yourslef can be a tad hokey.

    Consider joining up with entities that might want the similar client base but for different reasons - insurance companies; financial advisors etc so that a seminar might run over 90 minutes and you'd each get to speak for about 20 minutes offering free advice, then you have a half hour at the end of the programme for a meet and greet and personal q&a session
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Janet, you've got a decent website that you can leverage. For starters, you could...

    • Publish some free info there!
    • Buy some Google ads! (Do you notice those that automatically appear on the right side of THIS page?)
    • Make sure your site is optimized for search engines! (There are several articles on this in the MarketingProfs archives.)
    • Get some fellow attorneys to cross-link between your site and theirs!

    Better still... register a NEW domain name and build a SEPARATE website where you publish probate law checklists, interesting facts, and "plain English" case studies (maybe even with dime-store-novel drama). Put small, tasteful ads on its pages, linking to YOUR website as the "sponsor."

    Maybe you can run continuous ads for THAT WEBSITE on the obituary pages of your local paper.

    Can you write well? Perhaps an occasional article in the paper or in a retiree journal would net you some good exposure. A good Q&A column would be fantastic. You could even hire a PR firm that specializes in placing you as a "quotable expert" in various publications.

    Hope that some of these ideas will help!

    ¤ Shelley ¤
  • Posted by JBtron on Member

    My esteemed colleagues have given great answers here.

    One thought to augment their input is to establish a working relationship or, perhaps, on 'offline' partnership with a local insurance broker: one that has a large salesforce and assets to leverage in your local market.

    They're a logical partner: if they sell cross-purchase agreements for local partnerships, that MIGHT be a GREAT SOURCE OF LEADS!

    Hope this helps!



    You can "cross-sell" each other's services, but just BE CAREFUL about fiduciary responsibilities to your clients and to the State(s) you operate in.
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Janet, you might be surprised what happens if you give some info away on the web. Consider publishing some "surface-level" goodies (like a checklist or a "top ten reasons why..." list) that have some initial value. I think you're MUCH more likely to get a visitor's contact data to gain access to your "deeper" goodies AFTER you've piqued their interest and demonstrated your expertise with the freebie content.

    If you want to see an extreme example of this giveaway strategy, visit Sean d'Souza's website:

    Personally, I rarely fill out a web form just to download "free" information. First, I have to believe it will be worth the sales pressure that is bound to follow! ;]

    - Shelley
  • Posted by mbarber on Member
    Janet the value of working together with the likes of say an insurance broker, is that the 'sell' is a much softer sell.

    Weight of numbers in professional services actually works in your favour than trying to go it alone with an independent campaign.

    So even if they do sell a whole range of products, you get to pick up potential clients who are thinking about the 'you never know'.

    Also consider some of your thinking about the typical approach might be like (at is fundamental) - chasing gurneys with white sheets. You've decided not to get into that game so this would suggest a longer term strategy and that means patience and persistence.

    So establishing a relationship with a client a long way in advance and even through alternative products as businesses means you are planting a lot of seeds.

    If you are time poor then you might have to revert to the tried and true method of dealing with bereaving familes at funeral homes. Maybe you could just put a big billboard out the fron of the funeral home to catch their eye on the way in? :-)
  • Posted on Member
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