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Topic: Strategy

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Nasal Spray Marketing

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
What's the most innovative way you can think of to reach allergy sufferer's with a new prescription nasal spray?

  • Posted on Accepted
    if it is a prescription drug, as opposed to OTC, who you need to reach is not the end users(allergy sufferers), but the doctors.

    So, fold your sleeves and go door-to-door. On top of that you can participate to forums and also ask some doctors to endorse your spray.

    Distribute press releases to medicine magazines, as well as targeted, allergy-related feature stories to magazines and newspapers.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck,
    Davide Pasini
  • Posted on Accepted
    go online!

    the doctor approach is a good one. take this idea to the web.

    means: make a research where doctors are online (blogs, forums, online communities). advertise, write a review or try to place your product in newsletters of the platforms found.

    use online word of mouth power > relevant blogs to reach doctors and endconsumers. in the end you have to catch both and manage supply and demand > b2b (doctors) and b2c (endconsumers).

    check out:

    this company can help you finding the relevant blogs and bloggers to write about your product and get a honest feedback which is the most worthy advertising if your product is good.

    also check out the association of word of mouth marketing:

    maybe they can give you prescription drug specific tips concerning word of mouth (on- & offline).

  • Posted on Accepted
    Two ways would seem to be equally effective:

    1. Have healthcare givers recommend your product (via samples) to their patients who suffer with allergies.

    2. If you can afford the cost, advertising on TV at the start of the allergy season.

    Both would create "pull" scenarios where the consumer ends up requesting your product, rather than "push" situations were you attempt to sell them a medication with which they're unfamiliar. Hope that helps...

  • Posted on Author
    thanks for the valuable feedback! this site is GREAT!

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