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Topic: Career/Training

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Mba Vs. Masters In Marketing

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
After 8 years in the advertising agency world, I'm discovering that 1) it's extremely difficult to move up the ranks and 2) grow my compensation. I'm considering a path that opens up my options to the marketing department. I'd like to explore an international program for further education certificates in strategic marketing, but an MBA program may be a tough hit on the wallet. Can a Masters in Marketing can open doors on the client side just as well? Are there any prestigious schools abroad that offer a Masters in Marketing that are well regarded by employers? All my searches seem to lead me back to MBA programs.

  • Posted by matthewmnex on Accepted

    Do you have 8 years of experience?


    1 year of experience 8 times?

    Whilst I am not personally in the ad business, I am familiar with the market.

    I know that there is a huge amount of movement of people in this industry and high flyers, FLY up the ranks very very fast.

    So what is the problem?

    You need to evaluate what your value is and why you have not been promoted.

    Are you generating great ideas? winning new accounts? coming up with 'Killer' ad campaigns?

    If so, then you should not have any problem being promoted. Don't wait to be invited, make it happen for yourself. If you want to get to the top, then you have to be prepared to take risks. Are you taking risks? Or are you safely hiding behind your desk, doing good work every month and hoping that you will get noticed?

    Yo will wait forever if you don't take a risk to MAKE yourself noticed.

    You may get fired or you may have to move to another agency but you may also get noticed and promoted.

    Take charge, be flamboyant and make bold statements.
    People will start to take notice.

    Forget the masters in marketing - it doesn't exist and if you do back to school, by the time your finished, you will have missed your chance fo the big promotion.

    Good luck.


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