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Topic: E-Marketing

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Looking For A Catchy Name For My Email Address.

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
I'm a new realtor and i'm looking for a catchy name for my email address and a catchy slogan. Thanks!

  • Posted by ilan on Accepted
    All this "simple" stuff without giving us anything about you?
  • Posted on Accepted
    When it comes to an email address, I'd tie it to your professional website so that address does not end in Hotmail, Gmail,, or any others that are completely unprofessional looking.

    What that means is you going to have to find or develop a URL (domain name) that suits you and the industry you're in.

    Speaking of that, the "catchy slogan" you're looking for (it's actually called a tagline), if it is to be appropriate, will depend on what we know about you, your professional skills, where you're working, etc. And right now we know nothing more than that you're a newbie to the profession. That, my friend, is nothing to brag about, and certainly not a confidence-builder to embroider on a pillow...or include in a tagline.

    Hope all this helps.

  • Posted by Vincent on Accepted
    It would really depend not only finding a catchy name, but finding out if it's available as a domain name.

    That will be tricky especially in the .COM domain space.

    Probably best if you use an online domain checking service that you can just insert a keyword or two and it will generate some ideas for you with what is avalable to register?

    Try the domain sggestion tool here:

    Good luck

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