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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name/tagline Suggestions For Concierge Services

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi there,
I'm looking to start a personal assistant/concierge service business and I'm struggling to find a name and tagline that conveys the image I'm hoping for but that is also marketable.

I'm hoping to target busy professionals who need someone to help take away the burden of the little chores in life so they can spend more time enjoying their down time and families. I offer a wide range of services from business administrative help, to event planning, errand running and home organization and pretty much anything else you can think of. I hope to differ from other corporate concierge service providers by being more personalized one on one to really get to know individual clients and to anticipate their specific needs to continually get repeat business, rather than just be a one time faceless gofer like many larger concierge companies employ. I want my clients to feel like I'm a trusted friend that's always there to help rather than just an employee.

That being said I need a name that is professional enough to attract busy professionals and seem reputable, but that i can grow into as business picks up and perhaps i take on a couple partners. I've considered just branding my name instead of a company or using my initials (KS) somehow...(i.e. KS Concierge Services..though when said out loud it sounds kind of like 'chaos' concierge services which isn't really the impression I want to give) but then if it grows, it will always seem like i'm just one person. The only other option I've come up with that I kind of like is Mobius Concierge Services...referring to the never-ending mobius strips that are just a continuous closed loop, representing that i'm always on the go, continuously there to aid you, seamlessly fitting into your life to help keep you going. Which is an interesting image, if you know and understand what mobius strips are.

Your comments on the name or new suggestions for a name and tagline would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Stay as far away as possible from using your initials - any initials. Why? Because they won't mean a darn thing to your potential customers. They'll just be an ego trip for you.

    As for the one-person thing, avoid looking like that from the start by naming your business something that leaves the impression you have a staff, something like...

    Dependable Concierge Services, Inc. (or Corp. or LLC because you will have to incorporate. Ask any lawyer to explain all the reasons why.)

    And for a tagline to go with that name, consider...

    Doing for you the things you can't.

    Hope that helps.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    I want you to succeed in every way. But, I also ask that before you make this decision, you pre-market and research your demographic.

    It's a nice thought...but, I have witnessed some of the sharpest people, fully-qualified, and well-invested in this industry, only to be out of money, and no clients in 18 months.

    I'm serious - I know at least 4 people, I would have bet money on, that they would make it.

    So....word of caution. Know your market. Wanting to do something and doing something sometimes to not match.

    Plan and fund carefully...

  • Posted on Author
    Thank you both for your advice.

    Phil - I do agree with you about the initials. but what about a whole name? it's a lot of self branding but i don't think that would hurt even if my company grew later...

    Randall - Thanks for the warning. I've been doing a lot of research and by no means am i jumping into the venture. I'm currently working as an executive assistant, and wouldn't want to leave that position without feeling fully confident that i could support myself in the long term. That being said, i feel like in my research in my area, there is a gap between corporate concierge services that cater to whole companies with hundreds of employees and have call centers to manage their requests, and then there are the personal individual concierges that cater more towards stay at home moms and families to run errands. I'm trying to find my niche working in the corporate sphere with professionals who work 60+ hr weeks but not for an entire corporation, because as a single person, I don't feel I could adequately meet those demands. how would you suggest doing further research and pre-marketing? what kinds of questions would you ask and where?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Uchideshi Personal Concierge (see:
    Personally Yours: Concierge Services
  • Posted on Accepted
    On the Go...

    Professional Concierge Services

    Executive Services

    White Glove Concierge

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