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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Trucking Company

Posted by Seopacks on 125 Points
Hello Friends,

We need a tagline for our trucking company. We haul freight (reefer and dry van) all over north America. Name of our company is "iHaul freight"
Your input will be highly appreciated.

  • Posted on Member
    uWant, uNeed, iHaul
  • Posted on Member
    iHaul Freight:

    "We Deliver"

    "Lets Move Together"

    "Always Moving"

  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    short haul, long haul, ihaul
    short haul, long haul, just call for ihaul
  • Posted on Member
    As per your core competency simply translate the same into words as "Yours timely" / Yours safely" / "Moving Your Heart" ..
  • Posted on Member
    While there are some great suggestions here - particularly those of BigGuy and ChrisB - I have to question the name of the company. Why? Because no matter how big the company gets, no matter how many trucks and drivers you have, the name you've chosen will always convey the same message...

    one guy with one truck trying to scratch out a living!

    WeHaul Freight would have been a much stronger name...for the reason cited above.

    This is a perfect example of what can go badly - the wrong impression a name can leave - when people opt for "catchy" and "cute."

    Yes, iHaul Freight is both of those...and in so being it fails to create the image of a substantial business.

    Sorry for having to say what I've said, but I call 'em as I see 'em.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Moving Reefer and Dry Vans Across North America
  • Posted by Seopacks on Author

    We thought of WeHaul but didn't use it because it sound too similar to Vhaul when telling over phone.
  • Posted on Member
    Well I can tell you for sure that iHaul doesn't cut it. That name will limit the perception of your business to a guy with a truck who's trying to scratch out a living.

    From where I sit, you have two choices...

    1. Live with that...and be stifled by it, or
    2. Come up with a name that's more appropriate for a real trucking company.

    Sorry, but from where I sit those are your only real choices.

  • Posted by rjohnni on Member
    Is it an Indian company? Doesn't Sapna mean Dream?

    INDUS WEDDING EXPERTS: Dream Weddings. Guaranteed


  • Posted by Seopacks on Author
    rjohnni what are you talking about?
  • Posted by Seopacks on Author
    I would like to close this question since none the answers were upto my liking

    Thanks guys

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