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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Cont.. Eclectic, Upmarket Homewares/gift Shop Name

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points

Previously opened a question requesting help with a name for my upmarket eclectic gift/homewares/furniture shop.

Info for those who weren't involved in the discussion last time:

Situated in Beaumaris a seaside town, known for its fairly affluent residents and popular with holiday makers (particularly retirees & families).

Victorian building set over two floors and has a real nook and cranny kind of feel.

My plan is to start by sourcing the larger pieces which will be statement, mostly antique reproduction furniture (fairly pricey items such as book shelves, display cabinets, coffee tables, dressing tables etc), marked up but also doubling as displays for smaller items. The furniture items will be shipped items and I also plan on carrying wholesale brochures for matching/complimentary pieces for the customer to browse through and order if they wish. I will then look at ordering in decorative items such as mirrors, lamps and soft furnishings etc which I envisage may warrant some stock but also wish to offer a shipping option. The smaller items I imagine will make up the majority of day to day sales and will consist or items made from local artists/craftsmen (many on a sale or return basis) which I hope will appeal to holiday makers as gifts/souvenirs but also to local people as a supportive community gesture (jewellery, cards, ornaments artwork etc). Supporting/complementing these ranges with wholesale gift items and more brand names but avoiding cheap and gimmicky souvenir items.

I don’t envisage an area where customers sit and read etc. I am however considering looking at areas of interaction that may draw children or the child in us all (something that people will go away from the shop talking about) such as a vending fortune teller/oldie worldie penny machines.

I have rounded down shop name thoughts down to:

Whimsy - the obvious whimsical/unusual wares route

Majesty - thought sounded high end

Rainbowtique - my play on words option injecting colour/suggests great range/boutique

ffantasi - meaning fantasy/daydream in Welsh which I thought would appeal to locals and paints a nice picture of desiring my wares.

I would really appreciate feedback.


  • Posted on Accepted
    While there are some interesting names among your favorites, Becky, to those who will see any of those names, none says your shop sells furniture, mirrors, lamps, gift items, craft items, jewellery, etc....but then no single word can convey all of that.

    The bottom line is that whichever of your favorites you select, your going to have to have a tagline to go with it, a tagline that of necessity must carry the entire burden of telling potential customers what you have for sale.

    The other thing that concerns me is do retirees and families go to a seaside town to buy furniture, mirrors, lamps, etc.?

    What does your market research tell you...or have you not done any because this is something you want to do whether or not Beaumaris needs such a shop.

  • Posted on Author
    Hi Phil,
    I understand where you are coming from and your right I don't for the most part envisage families and retirees to buy into the larger items in my shop. For holiday makers I hope the larger items will display the smaller items (local craft/gifts/jewellery) in a way that will make them all the more appealing as well as adding visual interest to my shop. If done right however I hope that the ilk of my shop will also bring in the affluent residents of Beaumaris and surrounding areas of Anglesey who as well as buying gifts it is hoped will buy into the eclectic/unusual pieces of furniture/homewares on offer. Hope this explains a little more where I am coming from. I am basically trying to appeal to holiday makers and locals who after all (it is hoped) will support me through the quieter winter months .
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    One of the problems you're facing is that it's hard to describe what your store sells quickly ("upmarket eclectic gift/homewares/furniture shop doesn't tell me enough"). Focus on what you'd like to sell a LOT of - Gifts? Homewares? Furniture? Souvenirs? Make that the central point of your name. For example:

    Majesty Gifts Of Beaumaris
    Ffantasi Furniture

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