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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name For Gastro Tours /cooking Classes

Posted by maricahada on 250 Points
Hello everyone!
I´m a Colombian cook creating a market tour and cooking classes business in Bogotá. We are looking for a catchy name that appeals to or target which will be basically tourists visiting the country.

The situation is that I would like to use the space for teaching other types of cooking classes (world cuisines, light recipes, 30 min recipes etc.) for non tourists.

So the name would have to fit both preferably but not necessarily.

So here is our concept:

(the missing name) will take you on a journey through Colombia’s rich, culinary traditions. You will learn about exotic ingredients in a real plaza de mercado and how to cook a delicious three-course Colombian meal.

Colombia’s culture, like its weather, varies by altitude. Explore Colombia’s diversity through the medium of food with a friendly group of like-minded “cooks”. Mari welcomes people from all over the world to her kitchen, bringing people together through food in an informative, fun and memorable way.

You will take with you the scents and flavours, and be able to evoke your memories of Colombia back in your own kitchen, while treating your friends and family.

We offer the Market Tour and Cooking Classes in English, French and Spanish, but we also have basic knowledge of Italian and Portuguese, so you can crash the party.

My name is Mari and here are a few names that we came up with in a brainstorm session:



Cookin´ with salsa

Da Boiling Point

Thank you so much for your help!

  • Posted on Accepted
    I could point out the problems with each of your suggested names, but let me just say that most - at least to me - appear fatal.

    As a name, give some serious thought to...

    Learn to Cook Colombian Style

    And for a tagline to accompany that name...

    Discover the Art and Culture of Cooking Colombian

    Together they tell potential customers what to expect.
  • Posted by maricahada on Author
    Thank you very much PhilGrisolia4Results. I appreciate your suggestions. But dont you think Learn to Cook Colombian Style is a long name to put on a logo?
    These are some of the names i´ve found of similar business:

    Eat Mexico

    Cooki´n with Class (Paris)

    La cuisine Paris

    Skykitchen (Perú)

    NY Food Tours

    Thanks again!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Colombia Food Insider (Tour)
    Eat Colombian!
  • Posted on Member
    As for the length of "Learn to Cook Colombian Style," anything less would not be functional. Consider what that name says...

    1. You can learn how to cook.
    2. More than that, you can learn how to cook Colombian-style.

    Can you think of another name that conveys those two essential thoughts?

    As for a logo, please do not confuse the name of a business with the graphic element, the design, the symbol - the logo - by which it may eventually become recognized. The two - the name and the logo - are two separate and distinct elements of your corporate identity.

    Hope that helps a bit...
  • Posted by Visual Clue on Accepted
    Colombian Culture Club

    COOLombian Cooking

    Taste Colombia

    Colombian Culinary Creations
  • Posted on Accepted
    Mari, the most important thing is that you be found in a Google search, because that's where most people will go to find cooking classes in Bogota. The good news is that there doesn't appear to be much competition. The number one ranking site is a bike tour company that also offers cooking lessons.

    I'd suggest that your name have the word "cooking" or "Bogota" in it, but other than making it easy to remember for tourists, the more important thing is what you do after you have the name. You'll need to generate some content and some traffic to your site in order to get that number one ranking.

    I'd suggest something short like:

    Cooking with Mari or Bogota Gourmet

  • Posted by maricahada on Author
    Thank you all for the suggestions!

    We had started with "Cooking with Mari" and everybody liked it but me... I guess I thought I wanted a more original name, but maybe @jimewel is right about having the word "cooking" and or "Bogotá".

    I kind of like Bogota Gourmet, Eat Colombian! and Taste Colombia, but I think the word "cooking" would be missing...
    What about the word "kitchen" nobody suggested it. I think the other names would be more appropriate for gastro tours that don´t include cooking classes. As PhilGrisolia4Results said, I may want to use a name that tells more about what specifically are we offering!

    Thanks for the grat help again!

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