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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Slogan For Clothing/home Goods Store

Posted by ferguson-ca on 125 Points
Hello to all,

I am opening a store that sells teenage/adult women and men clothing and will also have a section for home goods.

PLEASE help me with a slogan/phrase that will incorporate both clothes and home goods

Thanks in advance for your creative ideas

Name of store- Shastas Boutique

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    It is a great idea, only you are going head to head with some of the biggest shops on the planet. Take care.

    Selling everything to everybody is a high-cost, low-margin operation. You need a niche and you need it fast. Sell to a small group of people who trust you and work up. It will be slow and it will be hard.

    It will be possible - and a lot less work than taking on the big boys. By the time you have grown to a sensible size is the time to work out if you have the managerial skills -or the desire - to run a large operation.

    We need a few ideas - at least for starters. Choose Teenage Women, Adult Women or Men. Clothes or Home Goods.

    **Choose who they are, who their friends are, what they like. Imagine your ideal customer and focus every ounce of your advertising money on them and them alone. Just make sure that you know this kind of person, their ethnicity, likes, hates and hopes. **

    Just for starters, since you asked:

    "Shastas Boutique, walk into elegance"

    You can tweak this if you are online. My advice applies even more online! I really hopes this clears the fog for you and means you get to feel some traction.

    To your success, Moriarty xx

  • Posted by marketbase on Accepted
    MIR (more info required):
    What sort of "home goods" do you offer? and what style of clothing: casual, formal, trendy, etc?
  • Posted by ferguson-ca on Author
    THANK YOU BOTH for the quick response.

    It will be a store that I am opening out of the country.

    I will sell to teenage girls, business men and women
    (casual and fancy) and home goods such as picture frames, bedding, pieces of art ect.

    I guess it will be kind of a one stop store perhaps.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    I have to say that your market is crazily competitive. Your margins are going to be wafer thin and your outlay large.

    Advice: once you are up and running, study your sales sheet very hard. Find out two things.

    (1) What you are selling
    (2) Who you are selling it to.

    This will bring you 90% of your profits and will account for 10% of your range.

    Focus on this and leave the rest in the background. Doing this will maximise your profits for the amount of work you do. Even if you are an affiliate, your concentration should be focussed on those areas of your website (or store) where you make the most for doing the least. That way you may scrape by.

    You don't need to be Walmart to make a living. M xx

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