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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Kids Indoor Playland And Coffeehouse

Posted by lisaalexander411 on 250 Points

Need a cool name for what we are calling right now the "Play Date Cafe" or "KidCity Playspace and Cafe". But we need something more catchy and fun. We offer an indoor play space and community cafe for families. We will sell an assortment of coffee and teas with simple menu full of healthy, organic and local offerings in a unique learning environment that includes play dates, activities and classes, birthdays, and more for little ones 0-6 years.

We are leaning towards a name that has both Kids ( kid) and City as we have City theme for indoors. The location is near the beach in So. California. Even better would be to combine coffee and Kids. One company calls themselves A Latte Fun Playland.

Kids area can be called a City, Town, Village, Kidsville,
and the Coffee area - could called a Cafe, Hot Spot, or any play on words like Jitters, Cup of Joe,

Here's are some examples across the Country:

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Lisa! I love that kid with the painty hands. Reminds me of some fun we had ...

    A response to the links you provided. "Twirl" means nothing, and they don't back it up. You either know about it, or you won't get what they do. Latte Fun Playland is really good.

    "Play Cafe" is way better and their tagline is a good one too. You have their entire concept in the space of five seconds. If that is what they are after, they've found it.

    So I am going to stray away from the cafe idea - cos it is the parents that go to cafes. Kids don't ask to go to a cafe. So I thought of where my kids wanted to go.

    The Zoo!

    Only "Kidz Zoo" doesn't trip off the tongue, does it? It sort of stumbles. Trying "Family Zoo" and, well we are not hitting the mark too many animals and not enough humans. Menageries and Aquariums are definitely out.

    "Kid's Park"
    "Kid's Zone" (see above)
    "Kid's Area" (too antiseptic)

    How about a straight "Play Time" ("Where you can relax" as the tagline).

    "Play Village" ?

    What do you think. This will at least give the guys on the West coast something to spark off. They are in your locality and know what moves folk.


  • Posted on Accepted
    I cant think of a name but it is a great idea..i am in london and if there was something like that i would bring my son to...all the best :)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Jumpin' Java
    Cup O' Fun
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Jumpin' Beans

    Little 'Feats' Cafe

    Xpresso Kids

    Time-Out Village Cafe.

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