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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Xmas Parade Throw Cups- Logo Only Or Fun Design

Posted by amandajo on 125 Points

I was asked to convert a logo to one color for an imprint on a stadium cup a church will use as the "throws" in a Christmas parade (we are in Louisiana- think Mardi Gras).

I was thinking that was rather boring and I had the idea to make a hidden picture on one side and do the logo/website on the other. Or I can even do the find it picture as a wrap around design and have the logo in the middle... Do you know the black and white finding thing pictures that are in the highlights magazines? see:

My kids get these very colorful hidden picture cups when we eat out and they love them. The church is mostly young families (although they don't want to exclude and do have a mix of ages). It is a small church, not so well known. The parade is a family parade (lots of kids, they are also throwing candy and only the church kids are in the parade).

What do you guys think:
1) The church is not well know, so just use the logo.
2) Cool idea, it will get more attention to the cup.
3) other?

  • Posted by Gail@PUBLISIDE on Accepted
    2 !!

    If you add something fun to the logo as you suggested, people will talk about and likely keep the mug, which will remind them about the church -- maybe even check it out.
  • Posted by CarolBlaha on Accepted
    Do fun thing. Without something of interest, people won't even look at it to recognize the logo.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted

    Firstly thanks for a super-informative question. It gives us old dogs* something to gnaw at. If your kids love the idea - you don't have to look to me to know that this is a good idea.

    I want to look at a different issue though, and one that might speak to their parents once the cup arrives back home - and before it finds its way to the wastebin.

    I want you to think of how people came to your church in the first place, and what it was that encouraged them to keep coming. Because a church is a special place - yet they come in all shapes and sizes. Ask them

    (1) What do you like about our church (be specific)?
    (2) Why do you come back regularly?
    (3) What is your favorite fruit or fruit drink?

    Because you have a little time before the parade (I hope) so ask your congregation - do a quick questionnaire or email blast - and get some responses to these questions. Because then you can do something that appeals to the grownups as well as the kids.

    Hope this helps
    Moriarty xx

    (*A dog is not just for Christmas, a dog is only for Friday nights)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    It could work well, if there's a way to draw attention to the hidden messages (a contest to find them? a challenge for kids to make their own?).
  • Posted by marketbase on Accepted
    Go with the wrap-around picture idea/logo in center to maximize curiosity/interest.Make sure you have a call to action (phone number, location, for interested parties to refer to)...and have fun!
  • Posted by CarolBlaha on Accepted
    Good Advice from Jay. Anything you can do to have someone actually read and review your message. Church is about family, both those we are related to and those we connect in any way. So Connect!
  • Posted by amandajo on Author
    Thank you all! As I should come to expect, they don't have time for the work. They actually rushed the proof I sent with just the logo's and that's cutting it close! But not to lose heart! It just gives me plenty of time to stew on the idea and make it really work.

    I love the idea of doing the image as a wrap around with the logo in the middle. And Will do as far as still having the Name/Number. I did not really have a call to action... Not sure how that would work for the church. Maybe just "Join us on Sundays."?

    Jay, I was thinking to have a key with the hidden images to make it apparent.
    Moriarty, those are good ideas and now I have some time to implemented some them.

    Thank you all!

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