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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name For A Business Summit

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Can you suggest a name/title for a business summit or job fair? our nonprofit, non-govt, independent, student-run organization will hold this.

our target audience are junior college students to fresh graduates. we are trying to get companies and applicants to participate.

this event is not just a job fair. it's like a job fair with a plus.
there will be sessions where in applicants will be taught soft and hard skills by speakers from different companies. it will be held on the first week of February 2013.

we have an idea that the title can be a name - something like "Abbie's business summit" (but that's too dull). we need something catchy and creative, at the same time professional. we're thinking of Youth Business Convergence, but that's too common.

we plan to create a facebook and twitter account and add people we know and chat with them using "abbie's" account, and invite them to join the event. i hope you can help.

please suggest as many names as you can. thank you!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Job Fair 2.0
    Youth + Business = The Future
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Into The Real World - - - Business Guidance for students

    Your Future In Business - - - For Students Who Want To Form Their Own Future (sorry, a little wordy)

    Business Springboard - - - For Students Who Want A Future in business

    Let me know if these are any good, Moriarty xx

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Nxt Job

    Fresh Harvest


  • Posted on Author
    hey! i will consult with the team during our meeting tomorrow. thank you so much for the answers. :-)
  • Posted on Accepted
    Young Achievers
    To The Top - With Abbie's Summit
  • Posted on Author
    hello there! :-) thank you all so much for the answers. they're all brilliant. we're thinking of Abbie's Young Achievers or Abbie's Springboard. we're still undecided. please keep the answers coming until we close the question. thank you again!
  • Posted on Author
    hey everyone! thanks for participating. we've chosen two contributors. thanks a lot! :-)

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