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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Name And Tagline For New Business.

Posted by mindylike on 25 Points
I recently posted a question here about a bus. name and received great advice. I have a friend who is opening an online business and is struggling w/name and tagline. It will sell homemade sugar/salt body scrubs, soaps, bath salts and she is hoping to expand to lotions, facial products in the future. Her name is Crystal and she wants the essence of the shop to be that of a healing, relaxing tone. She is hollistic in nature. Please help and thank you!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Consider "The Essence Shoppe" for a name. And for a tagline, give some thought to "Homemade Scrubs, Soaps & Bath Salts."

    One other word of advise. Your friend should talk to an attorney about the very real need to incorporate her business because if any of her products cause a skin reaction on a customer and your friend is sued as a result, all of her personal assets - house, car, savings, etc. - can be a risk.
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    She is becoming a LLC/being taxed as a S Corp. She said she understand the liabilities of these products and to thank you for the sound advice. There is a shop per google search named The Essence Shoppe, Inc...body and soul. She is telling me she likes the name and tagline you provided, but was looking for something more original which would make her different and hopefully stand out from the multitude of others? Any ideas as she (and everyone we both know) have none.....
  • Posted on Accepted
    Her name is Crystal - what a fantastic opportunity to have your name relate so purfectly with your businesss. Crystal Healing. Crystal Essence. Crystal On-line. Crystal's Remedys. Crystal Caress

    Tag-line: Pamper your body with homemade soaps and lotions

    Since it is online the website will need to have a photo of her with her name in order to make the association.
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    She likes Crystal's Creations....what do you think. Never thought about using her you have any more taglines?
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    Scratch that name....there are a trillion on the web...ugh!

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