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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Marketing Programs For A Restaurant?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Taste Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant in the heart of Kabul city in Afghanistan. Taste serves mainly western food having a small portion of Afghani food in their menu. What makes Taste restaurant unique in Kabul city is the environment inside the restaurant. They have a nicely decored western style restaurant with professional looking waiters, good food, and very well behaved staff and management.

After the election process in Afghanistan and a few security incidents, the number of international or foreign visitors to the restaurant has decreased a bit. The food that this restaurant serves mainly target westeners. Most of the westners (almost all) are working professionals with UN agencies or other international organizations.

Currently, the restaurant does not have any marketing program to attract customers. I have met the manager and advised him for the following programs:

1. Customer Loyalty program - point system
2. Website for the restaurant with the ability for the customers to place orders, check the menu, write testimonials, friend referral etc.
3. A point of sale system with capabilities to track customer buying pattern so that the restaurant can effectively plan in preparing food (some foods take much time to cook and if prepared earlier could save time and make ccustomer happy)

These are what i think it should be done in Taaste restaurant. Keeping in mind the mindset and buying behavior of both foreigners (quite standard) and Afghans here, does anyone have any other recommendations or perhaps fine tune what i am proposing them?

I would be glad to hear from anyone.

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    efarshid, welcome to this forum!

    For a restaurant, I would incorporate as much PR as I can muster into the marketing strategy.

    That's my short answer... let's see what the Experts in restaurant marketing have to say.

    While you're waiting for other responses, be sure to look at the forum archives for other Q&A threads on this subject. Click the Search Questions link on the right side of this page, then try the keyword "restaurant."

    - Shelley
  • Posted by Janet O. on Accepted
    Are there publications, newspapers, etc. that are commonly read by the westerners? If so, have an article written up about the restaurant and published in these venues. You could also cross promote the restaurant with other businesses that the westerners patrionize.

    Since it's a newly opened restaurant, have a grand opening and invite people to a "Taste of Tasste" where they would offer a food sampling of their menu. Invite the media to gain more exposure.

  • Posted by night_butterflz on Accepted
    I guess for me when I ask myself what would bring me into your restaurant I think of the following factors:

    1. Are you in a safe location, is the restaurants image perceived as safe? (find this out by surveying etc.)
    2. If it is perceived as safe then you are good to go... if not then your marketing or rather PR should be catered to calming down those issues. Then you can start implementing tactics. Such as....
    a. coupons (1/2 off.. buy one lunch get one free
    b. posters/signs outside advertising specials
    c. what is the environment like inside.. western music
    d. PR releases (get in publications)
    e. mailings
    f. website
    g. brochures in tourist areas/ UN building/airport (?)hotels
    h. and other creatives

  • Posted on Accepted
    I think apart from things mentioned by Jen, I would even thing of Office delivery system. If I am working in office I would prefer to get my lunch in office when the weather is extreme and safety might be a concern too. I guess it is winter in Afghanistan and if security is a concern then you might want to look into that too. Having a grand opening will help too. Try doing some good PR in the sources that the customers in your target market read and refer to.
    hope that helps

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