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Topic: Copywriting

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Conference Follow Up

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi Everyone

We recently sponsored and sent 4 members of staff to an industry conference of 200 people. As part of the sponsorship we have access to the delegate list. I would like to send out a post conference letter and more detailed info on our consultancy services. Some of the delegates we've spoken to, others we have not. Does anyone know of a good website where I may find sample follow up letters for this type of situation?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

  • Posted by steven.alker on Accepted

    You can get a whole range of templates on EasyLetters software from WriteExpress:

    But, my suggestion is don't do it! If you've taken the time and money to send 4 people to a conference, get them to brainstorm the letter. Make it relevant to the meeting; refer to events which they attended and other items of interest. Personalise it as a follow up to a mutually beneficial event.

    Separate the people out who you met and treat them differently, referring to the specific things they will remember. Be a little more formal with the delegate list and don't pretend that you somehow got to know them a bit or were recommended to write to them.

    Invite some feedback and offer some further chance to interact - a meeting, a call etc. Be respectful of their privacy - also allow them to opt for no further communications.

    Canned letters are useful if you have literacy problems, but even using one as a template exposes you to being spotted as someone who can't be bothered to be original.


  • Posted by rob on Accepted
    I have to agree with SteveA. You should certainly be up-front about how you got the names and why you are sending the letter. And most definitely you should use the experience of the four people who were at the conference to help craft the message.

    You will have a much more effective letter if it is personalized as much as possible to the delegates you have met with, and even speaks to the varying needs of those you haven't met with.

    Include an e-mail address where they can respond to your query or possibly set-something up on Include a SASE for them to return anything you might want back from them, including leads, interest cards.

    Most of all, think how you'd like the letter to be it if was being sent to you. What would make you want to respond to such a pitch? What would make you comfortable and entice you to read on?

    Best of luck. If you are interested in more direct feedback about the letter itself, feel free to contact me.

  • Posted on Member
    We are facing the same issue with a follow-up to conference attendees. I would like to simply say "thank you for coming" and let them know what our services are. How do I word such a letter when I am not the one who actually organized / put on the conference?

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