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Topic: Strategy

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Beer Case Study

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
I urgently need some help for the creation of a beer strategy. Any case studies are welcomed.

  • Posted on Member
    This is a very broad question that is almost impossible to answer. Are you looking for existing case studies, regardless of brand, issues evaluated, and time frame? Are you looking for ideas, actual case studies, something else? Are you interested in a marketing strategy, production strategy, logistics strategy, distribution strategy, or something else?

    Give us a bit more info and I am sure the bright minds out here can help you!

  • Posted on Author
    Existing case studies might help. Although consumers might be different from region to region i think the basic outlline is the same.
    Marketing strategy will be more interested to me.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    I agree with Billc24 - we need more information. For example, in America, you get beers ranging from mass produced (like Budweiser) to hand crafted micro brews to premium imports. The marketing strategy for Budweiser would involve marketing budgets in the millions of dollars per year, where the micro brews spend perhaps a few thousand.

    If you are a micro brew, it would not be useful to try to use Budweiser's marketing model as a template for yours.

    Then we also have differences between countries. Even just taking France (a wine country) and Germany (a beer country) - you would have to market the beers vastly differently just between these neighboring countries. And that ignores the big changes, such as you would find if you were marketing a beer in the Middle East.

    I see you have 3 questions open on similar beer related subjects, yet didn't provide many details in any. You may find that you can get better info if you provide some information. Country, how the beer is currently targeted (premium brand, mass produced, etc.), etc.
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted

    I would start by interviewing your current customers, staff, management, and the general public (in the area that knows about you.) Using this information sit down with decision makers in the company and define the image you have, and the image you want. Are they the same? Make sure all future marketing and promotions reinforce the desired image. It also helps to make sure that everyone in the company, distributors, retailers... are aware of the new/existing brand and that it is clearly defined.

    You said in another posting you focus on TASTE. Ex. ‘Exceptional taste in a traditional beer.’ or If you have top market share, ‘England’s first choice for beer.,’ “Beer with out taste is like drinking yellow water” If taste is your competitive advantage, make sure all marketing promotes it.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi whitefeud,

    An excellent beer strategy case study is the Interbrew entry into the North-America market (from the Ivey School of Business in Canada). Given my natural interest in the category (and my Belgian origin :-)), you can also email me directly at to give you comments as you move along in the strategy development.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The process for creating a marketing strategy for a beer brand is exactly the same as the process for creating a marketing strategy for any other consumer packaged goods brand. You don't need a case study for beer marketing; you need to master the basics of creating a marketing strategy.

    Start by identifying the target audience and learning all you can about their needs, values, likes/dislikes, beliefs, habits and practieces, attitudes and awareness of the brands in the category. Look especially for unmet needs or aspirations that are not being fulfilled by any of the current brands.

    That will lead you to a positioning opportunity, and the positioning will become the cornerstone of your marketing plan.

    That's the short version. You get the idea, of course. A case study will only tell you wnat someone else found, in their city/country, at a point in time that's past, for a product they had or wanted to develop. Chances are it wouldn't be right for your market today.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • Posted on Accepted
    hey whitefeud,
    the carlsberg case of global branding may be of some help to you, in general too it is worth researching how this copenhagen brewery became a global player, this is just one of the links, best of luck.
  • Posted on Accepted
    here's another one that u may find of use, it deals with the brewery capacity too along with just marketing issues

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