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Topic: Strategy

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Why Do You Believe The Imc Approach Is Becoming Popular Among Marketers?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Why do you believe the IMC approach is becoming popular among marketers? Do you think the growth of IMC will continue?

  • Posted on Member
    I'm assuming you're speaking of the integrated marketing approach...

    Of course the growth will continue. And I think that it's always been on an uprise. You saw "integrated" marketing first really start to happen not with the Internet, but with the addition of cable. Advertisers started to really look at alternative ways of reaching customers through interesting means when cable became viable.

    Integrated marketing is really going to be commonplace soon. It's interesting, after 13 years in the interactive space (with traditional experience) to see mainstream publications just now disuss the internet as a viable option. Great customers have been integrating for a while. And, as more articles come out in Time and Forbes, the more the growth will continue.
  • Posted on Member
    Hi kwarrell:

    1) You are rapidly seeing marketers adopt IMC quite simply because when executed correctly it makes the most sense and is the best use of marketing dollars.

    What would otherwise be a negative or neutral ROI program can easily and quickly become positive with IMC.

    The only caveat is that it needs to be planned and executed by someone who knows how to do it, it's not just about putting your url at the bottom of a print ad.

    2) Absolutely IMC will continue to grow, especially as digital marketing makes it easier to track and measure response rates, even to where it ties them back to non-digital marketing.

    I hope that helps,

    Pepper Blue
  • Posted by Amir on Accepted
    Change is inevitable. Change is progress. Change is life. People are reluctant towards change. They have set preferances about everything. they have their preferances for channels of communication.

    Now buyers are changing. They experiment. If one keeps advertising on a single channel/media, one would come across the same people over and over again. This would limit a marketer's reach. Integrating more channels/mediums in one's marketing efforts mean more reach and more customers. The message has to be consistent so as to convey the same idea over different channels of marketing. Thus the rise of IMC.
  • Posted by DavidatHaley on Accepted
    Why is IMC popular? Simple, it works better, and for at least two reasons:

    1) Why does Baskin Robbins offer 31 flavors of ice cream? Becuase not everyone wants chocolate. IMC works because it reaches different people through different media. Some people repond to e-marketing, others print, others direct mail. IMC can appeal to all of them.

    2) Which is more effective way to catch a fly--using chopsticks or spinning a spider's web?
    When well done, ICM surrounds the prospect, making it "impossible to escapte" from the marketers message. This not only reinforces the marketing, but it can make small companies look bigger than they really are and help companies to build trust faster (familiarity breeds trust).

    So, like Allen, I can't hink of a reason why a company would not want to use IMC.

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