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How To Get Data On Credit Card Industry In India

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I m doing MBA and my project is on credit card industry in India. if u kindly help me on few points

1. problem that credit card industry faces.
2. data related to industry - market size and bank wise data or bank wise market size.

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  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    hi pankaj

    i suggest you to talk to VISA and MasterCard company. they have offices in India and they are the largest provider of Credit Card Services. they will be able to help you interms of market size and bank wise data.

    individually the banks will not be that willing to give you information and that will really a tiring process.

    hope this helps

    good luck & cheers!!
  • Posted on Member
    I actually found to be a pretty useful resource on credit card data in India. I used it recently for a universiy report.

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