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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name For A Used Car Lot

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need a catchy name for a used car lot I am opening. The target buyers will be black males 18-35 years old. The cars will be priced at $6000 and under.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Low Riders
  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted on Member
    Platinum Rides
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Based on the intended target segment, you could insert the folowing elements in the tagline -
    - Relation to the culture, that represents them in some manner and relates to them
    - Speed, since the Age is the youngsters
    - Style, again based on the target age-group

    Here are few suggestions -

    My personal choice - "Dark Horses"

    "Black Magic"




    Additionally, you could add a strong tagline along with the name, to reinforce the elements mentioned above.

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted by chough on Accepted
    Black Man's Wheels
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    Thanks, Andrew, for making me laugh out loud!
  • Posted by chough on Member
    Based on AndrewS's:
  • Posted by on Accepted
    Some thoughts ...

    Cool Wheelz

    Wheelz on Fire

    E-Z Wheelz


    (OK, I hear you chough...enough already!!)

    Mean Machines

  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    Shelley, your welcome. I should have explained that I thought some iconic name would be really appropriate, but I could only think of one! :-)
  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    Okay, if we're having fun:

    Boyd's in the Hood

    Now, at least semi-seriously:

    Low-dollar Hollas.

    Rides Good and Cheap.

    Rides to the Rescue

    Rubber and Soul

    Fast Lane

  • Posted by browncatfan on Member

    Actually, I agree with Obrewton and apologize for letting my spontaneous desire to make a joke/pun overcome my better sense. While I think there is nothing wrong or controversial with "Fast Lane" or "Rides to the Rescue" we would do well to remember that 6k, or even 1k, is a big investment, and a shallow, too-cutesy (whether stereotypical or not) name does nothing to reinforce the product value.

    Point well taken.
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi rboyd

    how about these names....

    "Price-Club Motors" (aka PCM)

    "6k & Below" (aka 6k&B)

    "6k Car Bazaar"

    "Car Bazaar"

    "Value Car Mart"

    "Easy Car Mart"

    "Need For Speed" (aka NFS, the game name)

    'Fire Wheelz"

    hope this helps.


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