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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Medical Office Needs Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
We are opening a new clinic with a board certified family physician who is only intending to do medical acupuncture. We want to appeal to both patients and other M.D.'s (for referrals). We want to stress the doctor's western medicine training as well. We also want to ensure that the referring M.D.'s don't think that we are going to do western medicine on the patients (and " steal them"). We were thinking something like " improved health through the addition of medical acupuncture" (so wordy and awkward) or "a balanced approach to health" (not very descriptive). Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Member
    I would recommend that you take something on the lines of International Training, International Experience, but Customized at local Level.

    Few Suggestions -
    "International Brains. Customized Practice" (or you could replace Customized with ur Country)

    "Knowledge from Outside. Curing you inside"

    "Developing Experts, not Doctors... Developing Trust, not Cure"

    "Building Experts of International Standards...Because The Best Solutions always require the best brains"

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Acupuncture has lot to offer in various conditions.
    Western Medicine and Acupuncture has lot of areas of analgesia, gastrointestinal troubles, smoking and other behavioural conditions, neuro muscular disorders, cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and hypotension..and many more.
    You must market on the areas for which acupuncture is mostly sought for like pain relief, hypertension, osteoarthritis and neuro musuclar conditions like paralysis, deafness.

    Taglines can be on following lines:

    Ying-Yang to control your pangs
    Experience no pain to relieve pain
    Puncture your mind to with scents of life.
    Western medicine finds its complement.
    Acupuncture: the real alternative to ur troubles.

    Keep in mind the areas of ur expertise while advertising and count on them. Do not show any areas of conflict between western and alternative medicine.

    Hope this helped

  • Posted by prbypr on Member
    I would be careful not to get too corny. You're dealing with patients -- many of whom are in pain. They want someone with experience that can be relied upon. They don't want a comedian.

    Stick with a tagline that discusses benefits to patient.

    Good luck!
  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    Smith Accupuncture Clinic: The Eastern complement to Western medicine

    Smith Accupuncture Clinic: The ancient complement to modern medicine

    I agree with prbypr that you should avoid 'cutesy' names (Needles & Pins Accupuncture Clinic: Let us stick it to you!) in the case of a medical facility.

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