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Prospect Follow-up Letter

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I have prospects who would like to receive information about the product that we make, and now I want to put together a follow up letter. Can anyone give me effective ideas on how to make the most impact on the first letter? I was also thinking of making it a marketing packet, with a brochure.
I am note sure if I should include a white paper along as well, since my company sells a chemical (polyurethane) which requires a lot of technical information to sell.
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    I think a white paper may be a good way to go:
    That was a good article from earlier this summer.

    My field (electronics manufacturing) also requires a lot to digest, and white papers are frequently a good way to do that.

    You could reference the white paper in your letter, and use it as a follow up (allow them to request it and then send it, or if you hear nothing, find out if they are interested in the white paper).

    Fred is suggesting a case study... not sure if that would work in the initial follow up. But references can be strong. If you do go this route, make sure you get approvals first.

    I would focus the letter on general product use and product wording (main points from your technical bulletin). Definitely have a call to action.

    If I remember correctly from a previous question, you are new in your role? If that is the case, I hope it is going well. Regardless, best of luck.
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    This is such a key question. Hopefully they aren't asking for "additional information" because you can end up sending useless prattle.

    If you're going to send a white paper, your marketing campaign should state: "Request our white paper on "The future of poly: Bust or RO-Bust". Or whatever you want. Being specific in your offer will help you determine the true level of interest.


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