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Topic: Student Questions

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E-marketing Types

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I need to write an essay about e-marketing types. I would like to know if any authors have concrete theories about how to categorize e-marketing. (any material on the subject would be nice)

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Nothing concrete, but you might categorize them as (1) eBay (and other auction) sellers; (2) big thinkers (like Amazon, eBay, Google, etc.); (3) affiliates and Adwords entrepreneurs; (4) bricks-and-mortar expansion merchants; (5) mom-and-pop etailers.

    Some of these have subsets, of course.

    Good luck. Sounds interesting. What's the essay for? Will we get to see it?
  • Posted by Corpcommer on Accepted
    Helpful resources worth checking:

    Online Lab tests Internet marketing methods

    A division of Digital Trust Inc., MarketingExperiments.Com is an online laboratory whose mission statement is: "To discover what really works." The Lab's website explains how they test every conceivable marketing method on the Internet by conducting experiments that range from 3 to 18 months.

    Their research is available free on their website once you register. Take a look. Even experts are bound to learn something from it.

    MEC's research involves budgets in the $4,500 to $100,000+ range and is grouped into seven key areas: site conversion, pay-per-click search, organic search, comparison shopping search, permission-based email, order process optimization and affiliate programs. Note that the Lab's research partners (like Reuters Group PLC, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency) and opportunities to partner with the Lab on research projects are discussed on the website.

    Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Glossary

    Good luck.

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