• Pairing ABM and Intent Data for Pipeline Growth

    ABM has transformed the way marketers do business, but the real question to ask is: Where is ABM going and what's the next big breakthrough? The answer: intent data.

    Ever wonder how intent data can help drive your ABM program? In this presentation, Andre Yee will highlight how marketers can leverage purchase intent for ABM success. He will address the pain points marketers experience throughout the purchase journey and how intent data can be used to influence buyers earlier in the buying cycle.

    You'll learn:

    • What intent data means
    • Why intent is relevant to your ABM program
    • How to successfully execute intent-based ABM plays


    Andre Yee
    • Andre Yee
    • CEO
    • Triblio
    • @andreyee

    During a martech career that has spanned more than a decade, Andre Yee has enabled thousands of ABM campaigns. Currently the CEO and co-founder of Triblio, Andre has an outstanding record of growing successful software companies.

  • Personalizing ABM Content Experiences at Scale

    While creating content by segment is one of the most effective strategies for engaging target accounts, it's also one of the most difficult to execute. And if you're planning to do ABM at scale, you may need thousands of pieces of content and personalized experiences to drive successful engagement.

    This session will arm you with the foundations to deliver greater personalization and memorable content experiences for ABM campaigns—at scale!

    You'll learn:

    • How B2B marketers are increasingly taking ownership of an end-to-end content experience
    • A five-step framework (with examples) to scaling personalized content for your ABM programs
    • How to get sales to use content to close


    Randy Frisch
    • Randy Frisch
    • Co-Founder & CMO
    • Uberflip
    • @randyfrisch

    Randy is CMO and co-founder at Uberflip, a platform that empowers marketers to create content experiences. Randy is also host of the Conex: The Content Experience Show podcast, and is the author of the upcoming book, F#ck Content Marketing.

  • An Integrated ABM Strategy Is Key to Growth

    ABM is all the rage for B2B brands these days. But, is a solely ABM-based strategy the most successful approach for your business? Growth comes with integration. Learn about client-side insights including ABM vs. non-ABM lead data, targetable audiences, and more... and leave with a better understanding of how an integrated ABM strategy is key to the growth of your business.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Successfully integrate ABM and non-ABM efforts into a lead-driving machine
    • Identify gaps in potential ABM plans through targetable audience data, list segmentation, and other methods
    • Use non-ABM tactics for driving qualified prospects with stronger funnel velocity than ABM prospects


    Andy Groller
    • Andy Groller
    • Managing Partner + CEO
    • Dragon360
    • @AndyGroller

    As CEO, Andy leads strategic business transformation at Dragon360. Under his 10+ years of leadership, the agency has evolved into a full-service digital collective that unearths insight, crafts opportunity, and ignites change.

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  • Date: August 9, 2019
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Element: Plan, Management
  • Topic: Account-Based Marketing
  • Price: $0


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