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Marketing Manager

Posted on 2/21/2017
Company: Ultimate Bundles Marketing
Location: - Canada
Job Type: N/A
Education: N/A
Experience: N/A
Pay Rate: N/A
Contact: Ryan Langford
Contact at:
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Job Description

The Marketing Manager will be responsible to:

Aggressively build our internal marketing channels (Email Lists, Social Media, Etc.)
Leverage our internal marketing channels to increase overall sales
Increase external sales by equipping our 3,500+ affiliates with product launch and marketing best practices
Create, communicate, and execute a clear marketing plan at the macro (12 months+) and micro (for each sales event) levels.
Write and oversee the writing of clear and compelling sales copy, based on the StoryBrand methodology to be used on websites and sales emails.
Oversee a small team and provide leadership to achieving team and corporate goals
Oversee brand transition and new corporate website design

Success in the position of Marketing Coordinator will be measured by:

Increase in both internal and affiliate sales
Aggressive growth of email lists and social media and other marketing platforms
Ability to lead and grow a successful marketing team
Ability to create, communicate, and execute on a written plan

Compatible Characteristics
The right candidate:

Enjoys BIG goals and tackling challenges head on
Sees opportunities where others see challenges
Takes immense pride in their work, but doesnít have a huge ego.
Loves drawing the best out of themselves and others
Is committed first and foremost to the success of the team

The right candidate will have:

demonstrated success in online marketing, especially of digital products
written winning copywriting in both websites and emails
A deep understanding of affiliate marketing, and the product launch business model
strong leadership experience
email and social media list building experience

We pay highly competitive salaries (plus bonuses), based on experience and capabilities, to be discussed and decided in person.
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