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  • Twitter Underground: Buying and Selling Fake Followers (Politicians Do It, Too)
    The business of buying and selling fake Twitter followers is booming, according to a study by Barracuda Labs: Among the top 100 Google search results for the term "buy Twitter followers" are roughly 58 websites and 20 eBay sellers that offer various bundles of fake followers. more
  • Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business
    Add oomph to your tweet stream! The Social Media Examiner has conceived 16 creative ways to boost your Tweeting. These tips are designed to help you better organize and structure your Twitter strategy to get noticed. Our favorites: Create a Conversation List. Who you follow defines your Twitter experience. A conversation list helps to ... more
  • Why Being Human Matters in Marketing
    by Emily Eldridge
    Instinct tells us that "humanizing" a brand—connecting it in the consumer's mind with a distinctive personality or an engaging personal narrative—is a good idea. But we don't have to rely on instinct. Research demonstrates how human interaction affects transactions, with lessons for marketers. more
  • Purchases via Smartphone Have Highest Average Order Value
    The average order value (AOV) of smartphone traffic to online retailer websites reached $97.39 in the second quarter of 2012, higher than that of tablets ($96.11) and traditional devices ($91.86), according to a report by Monetate, which analyzed a random sample of more than 100 million online shopping experiences for ... more
  • Four Tips for the Perfect PPC Landing Page
    Five years ago, Joel Chudleigh's team managed to boost a client's online conversion rate by 11% over a six-week period. "After seeing those results it is fair to say that I have been interested to the point of obsession in how much difference the right layout, the right copy, and the ... more
  • How Marketers and Designers Can Work Together More Efficiently
    by Adria Saracino
    Marketing folks and designers have the same goal: well-designed sites and well-executed campaigns that convert viewers into customers. But getting to that goal can be challenging. Start by understanding the ways in which marketers and designers are similar, where their differences lie, and what they can do to minimize conflict ... more
  • Get Started on Your Holiday Marketing Checklist [Infographic]
    As we head toward the Labor Day weekend, you should start planning your marketing campaigns for the holidays. If you procrastinate (or worse, forget to plan for the holidays), you'll miss out on reaching your audience during the most wonderful time of the year. more
  • Facebook and Mobile App Users Prefer Interactive Ads
    When using Facebook apps, only 28% of people prefer to view standard banner ads, whereas 72% prefer viewing immersive and integrated ads—those that offer virtual rewards or currency, or interactive video ads that occur during natural breaks in an app or game—according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on ... more
  • Tune Up Your App: Five Questions to Ask
    So, how's that app working for you? Is it binding users to your company, building brand equity, and providing high "exit barriers" for customers? That's what the big-time successful apps are doing best, notes Robert Plant in a post at the HBR Blog Network. If your app isn't performing up to ... more
  • Eight Ways to Find and Nurture High-Value Affiliates
    by Robert Glazer
    Thanks, in part, to its pay-for-performance model, affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of online commerce. But low-quality affiliates can end up costing, rather than making, money. The best way to make sure an affiliate marketing program delivers sustainable results is to recruit and nurture high-value affiliates. more
  • How B2Bs Can Create a Thriving Facebook Community [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    B2C brands have Facebook figured out. But B2B brands? Not so much. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way. more
  • Boomers: America's Most Valuable Generation
    By 2017, the Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, is expected to account for 50% of the US population and control 70% of the country's disposable income, according to a report by Nielsen. Moreover, Boomers stand to inherit $15 trillion over the next 20 years. more
  • How to Put Some Oomph Back in Your Email Campaigns
    When everything's going well, it's easy to find yourself in an email-marketing rut. Perhaps you've gotten complacent with ROI that's good—but not great. Or maybe you're boring your customers with the same campaigns they've seen a thousand times. "Whether you want to shake things up or simply polish off the dullness," writes ... more
  • Five Ways to Drive Foot Traffic and Build Relationships With Social Media
    by Summer Boone
    Although you can use online media to develop relationships, real-world connections are what solidifiy them. Here are five ways social media can support your efforts to increase foot traffic, brand awareness, customer relationships—and sales. more
  • 'Super Buyers' Shop via Online, Mobile, and Offline Channels
    Although "Super Buyers" are highly connected and mobile-savvy, they tend to mix and match their shopping with online and offline methods to find just what they want, according to a report by Forrester Research. more
  • Four Marketing Tips From a Canadian Convent
    Sister Elaine Lachance—vocation director for the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec—had a problem. She needed a better way to raise awareness of her dwindling order. And then the PR firm she hired gave Lachance a two-word solution: social media. A Facebook page and a blog did the trick. "The story [of ... more
  • 'No soup for you!' Email Marketing Lessons From Seinfeld
    by Dave Calibey, Sky Calibey
    Seinfeld reigned as the most popular sitcom for most of the 1990s and inspired many a workplace water-cooler conversation with its quirky characters and absurd plots. The show might not seem the most likely source of practical advice, but some of its most memorable moments provide lessons for email marketing. more
  • Mobile Users More Satisfied With Tablets Than Smartphones
    Overall, mobile users appear to be more satisfied with their tablets than their smartphones, with Apple's iPad ranking highest in tablet consumer satisfaction (scoring 8.8 on a scale of 1 to 10), just edging out Amazon's Kindle Fire (at 8.7), according to data from comScore's newly launched TabLens service. more
  • Facebook Promotions: Do's and Don'ts
    It can be amazingly confusing to run a contest on a Facebook Page. But breaking any Facebook Terms may result in your page being shut down—so you have to step lightly. To help promoters facing the Facebook challenge, Social Media Today's Genevieve Lachance has given us a list of things you ... more
  • Four Keys to a Successful Mobile Web Marketing Strategy
    by Anne Thomas
    Does your business have a mobile site that is designed with your mobile customer in mind? Is it a branded, usable, engaging experience? If the answer is no, or if you're not sure, you are not alone. One thing is clear, though: If your site isn't mobile friendly now, it's ... more
  • Leading Brands Becoming Active on Instagram
    The world's leading companies are becoming more active on Instagram, according to a new study by Simply Measured. Among the brands listed on the Interbrand Top 100, 40% now have an Instagram profile. more
  • Pinterest: The Email Marketer's New Opportunity
    by Kristina Huffman
    Pinterest and email marketing are intersecting in three ways: emails that use Pinterest-generated content, emails prompting recipients to follow a brand on Pinterest, and emails that have content appealing enough that recipients end up "pinning" the content. How do you get started? more
  • PPC Ads Don't Cannibalize Organic Search Listings [Infographic]
    by Ivan Dimitrijevic
    One theory that some search marketers hold is that purchasing Google AdWords does not make financial sense because the ads will cannibalize organic listings. The theory supposes that the two forces, AdWords and SEO, are killing each other, and it is a bad strategy to spend money on both at ... more
  • Mobile Shopping: Top Apps, Retailer Websites, and More
    With smartphones now the majority of mobile phones in the US, shopping via mobile is more popular than ever: 47% of American smartphone owners used a mobile shopping app in June 2012, according to data from Nielsen. more
  • How to Tell Your Company's Story: Eight Questions to Get You Started [Slide Show]
    by Verónica Jarski
    Sometimes, the hardest topics to talk about are those closest to you. So when businesses have to share their stories, they stumble. This colorful infodoodle slide show can help draw out your inner brand storyteller. more

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