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  • Four Keys to a Successful Mobile Web Marketing Strategy
    by Anne Thomas
    Does your business have a mobile site that is designed with your mobile customer in mind? Is it a branded, usable, engaging experience? If the answer is no, or if you're not sure, you are not alone. One thing is clear, though: If your site isn't mobile friendly now, it's ... more
  • Leading Brands Becoming Active on Instagram
    The world's leading companies are becoming more active on Instagram, according to a new study by Simply Measured. Among the brands listed on the Interbrand Top 100, 40% now have an Instagram profile. more
  • Pinterest: The Email Marketer's New Opportunity
    by Kristina Huffman
    Pinterest and email marketing are intersecting in three ways: emails that use Pinterest-generated content, emails prompting recipients to follow a brand on Pinterest, and emails that have content appealing enough that recipients end up "pinning" the content. How do you get started? more
  • PPC Ads Don't Cannibalize Organic Search Listings [Infographic]
    by Ivan Dimitrijevic
    One theory that some search marketers hold is that purchasing Google AdWords does not make financial sense because the ads will cannibalize organic listings. The theory supposes that the two forces, AdWords and SEO, are killing each other, and it is a bad strategy to spend money on both at ... more
  • Mobile Shopping: Top Apps, Retailer Websites, and More
    With smartphones now the majority of mobile phones in the US, shopping via mobile is more popular than ever: 47% of American smartphone owners used a mobile shopping app in June 2012, according to data from Nielsen. more
  • How to Tell Your Company's Story: Eight Questions to Get You Started [Slide Show]
    by Verónica Jarski
    Sometimes, the hardest topics to talk about are those closest to you. So when businesses have to share their stories, they stumble. This colorful infodoodle slide show can help draw out your inner brand storyteller. more
  • Generate Leads With LinkedIn Announcements
    If you're not using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, argues Shelly Kramer at MarketingProfs Daily Fix, you may be missing out on a very good thing: "According to data from HubSpot, LinkedIn is the most effective source of new business leads among the three leading social networks (Facebook, Twitter ... more
  • Five Tips to Make Company Blogs Worth Reading
    by Muhammad Yasin
    Creating consistently engaging and fresh content for any company's blog is no easy task; even the most thoughtful corporate bloggers can get stuck from time to time. If you think it's time to rethink your company blogging strategy, follow the following five quick tips to build your audience and make ... more
  • Brands Derive Tactical and Strategic Gains From Integrated Marketing
    Marketers who have adopted multichannel marketing practices are reporting solid business benefits across key metrics, including shorter sales cycles and higher ROI from marketing investments, according to a report conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of Sitecore. more
  • Four Ways to Take Control of Your Copywriting Process
    Mark Brownlow once waited in silent trepidation as he watched a tarantula crawl across his hand. "The experience comes to mind every time I face a blank piece of paper," he says at Email Marketing Reports. "A rising sense of panic…paralysis…a prickle of sweat." You might feel the same way when ... more
  • Five Strategies for Promoting Your Online Video
    by Andrew Follett
    Online video should be an essential part of every business's online marketing strategy. Of course, everyone wants a video that goes viral, but no amount of money can guarantee a blockbuster. Fortunately, you can employ some strategies to get your video in front of as many viewers as possible. more
  • Top Marketing Tactic for Small B2Bs: In-Person Interaction
    Among small businesses, marketing tactics such as email, websites, in-person interaction, and social media are viewed as most effective overall; however, among small B2B companies, nothing beats face-to-face interactions, according to a survey from Constant Contact. more
  • How to Keep Your Content Marketing Shelves Stocked
    Just like a shop owner who tracks his sales and restocks the shelves accordingly, content marketers need to be on top of their content. Otherwise, they end up with empty shelves, disgruntled customers, and fewer coins in the coffer. That's why smart content marketers use an editorial calendar to plan, produce, ... more
  • Five Ways to Create Your Prospects' Favorite Website
    by Sonja Jobson
    Your prospects have a huge array of websites to choose to visit—and buy or learn from. You have to give them good reasons to choose yours. So how do you turn your website into your prospect's favorite online business destination? more
  • Brands Missing Out on Mobile Ad Opportunities
    Smartphone users who are familiar with mobile ads appear to be comfortable making a purchase or recommendation as a result of an ad, but many others still haven't viewed a mobile ad, according to a survey from Hipcricket Inc. more
  • Three Ways to Simplify the User's Buying Process
    According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, 60-65% of business leaders think users follow them on social media because they want to be part of a community. But that isn't true: the primary reason users follow companies on sites like Facebook or Twitter is because they want discounts—which isn't ... more
  • Six Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
    by Janelle Johnson
    Email might not be as shiny as social media and other emerging marketing channels, but it's still arguably the most powerful marketing tool around. So how do you maximize this old workhorse for new gains? In part by avoiding these common mistakes. more
  • Consumers More Willing to Share Info With Retailers Than Social Networks
    Despite privacy concerns, consumers are more comfortable sharing their personal information with retailers than they are with social networks, particularly if sharing such data enhances the shopping experience, according to a survey from MyBuys and the e-tailing Group. more
  • Is Outsourced PPC Right for You?
    Have you considered using an agency to handle your PPC campaigns? "Knowing what to expect, and what not to expect can help you judge whether or not outsourcing this work is a good fit for your organization," writes Nathan Pabich at the Renegade Search blog. Pabich offers nine points to consider ... more
  • Five Ways to Turn Your Chamber of Commerce Membership Into Sales
    by Mike Bowman
    Many businesses are members of their local chamber of commerce but don't take advantage of opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness. Here are five ways business owners can derive value from their chamber membership. more
  • Will Mobile Commerce Overtake E-Commerce? [Infographic]
    How vital is mobile commerce becoming? Worldwide, mobile commerce is set to hit $119 billion by 2015. The projected amount of retail purchases made online by 2014 is 54%. more
  • Laptops, TVs Most Popular Tech Products for College
    Students are most interested in buying laptops, fridges, and large televisions to take with them as they begin college life. Also, though college tech needs are shifting overall—toward products that provide mobility and convenience—the tech items viewed as most essential to college life are still the basics: laptops and printers. more
  • Selling to SBOs: Three Points to Remember
    So you've set your company's sights on selling to smaller businesses. Sure, they aren't the heavy-hitters, the star accounts, but their loyalty could provide a nice budgetary cushion for your bigger sales efforts. And they'll surely be thrilled to tap into your products or services, right? Well, hold on a minute. According ... more
  • Five Principles for Multiscreen Storytelling [Slide Show]
    by Christian Gulliksen
    Customers learn about brands through an array of devices and media—often simultaneously.That's why your brand needs a strong multiscreen storytelling strategy. Social@Ogilvy offers five principles for getting it right. more
  • Word-of-Mouth Key to Success of Daily Deals
    Word-of-mouth is key to the success of daily deals: When making a daily deal purchase from a new or unfamiliar small business, fully one-half (50%) of consumers cite recommendations from friends or family as the factor most likely to influence their decision to purchase, according to a report by Constant ... more

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