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  • Five Tips for Building a Better B2B Website
    What's the definition of a great website? What's the secret to better business lead generation? And what's the first step to building a site that delivers the kind of results you need—when you want them? more
  • Mom Probably Knows Best
    In a post at the blog, Dennis Dayman presents a short series of off-the-cuff emails that his wife wrote in response to his question about video in email marketing campaigns. Dayman wanted to know whether she—a stay-at-home mom—found the concept appealing. In her first email, she explains that the ... more
  • Tips for That Pivotal Sales Presentation
    Closing an IT sale is a complex process. But in most cases there is usually one pivotal sales presentation that can firmly seal the deal. Darrin Mourer, in a post on the Sales Engineer blog, offers recommendations to help you strengthen and prioritize the key components of your presentation. The ... more
  • When in Doubt, Double Down
    In a piece at The New Yorker, James Surowiecki recounts how two companies—Post and Kellogg—reacted to the Depression. "Post did the predictable thing: it reined in expenses and cut back on advertising," he writes. "But Kellogg doubled its ad budget, moved aggressively into radio advertising, and heavily pushed its new ... more
  • Getting Testy Again and Again
    "Testing can be a powerful tool to move your email marketing program forward," says Kelly Lorenz in a post at the Bronto blog. "Testing can also help you move from 'It depends' to 'It works for us.'" But before you test, she says, you should ask a few questions like these: ... more
  • Seed That Video and Reap Its Harvest
    Good news for all you budding Spielbergs out there: YouTube this month made it possible to automatically seed freshly uploaded videos across popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and even news and feed aggregator Google Reader. This means you no longer have to wait for your (undoubtedly stunning) viral somethin'-or-other ... more
  • Stay Away from Plug-and-Play
    Diana Huff offers an interesting warning to small businesses in a recent post at her B2B Marcom Writer blog: When creating a website, keep away from companies that offer "plug-and-play" site templates. These are sites where you "get a template with all the pages you need and you simply plug ... more
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
    Anyone can claim to design websites. So before you hire a designer, it's important to ask a few key questions. Oliver Feakins of WebTalent recommends starting with a request to see past work. "Reputable firms have a gallery or portfolio of websites that they have designed," he says. "Take the ... more
  • When Problems Arise, Go to the Spot
    In an article at the New York Times website, Michelle Maynard tells the story of Akio Toyoda's secret visit to an Ann Arbor, Michigan, car dealership. The grandson of Toyota's founder—and the man who will soon take charge of the company—was there to inspect the undercarriage of a Tundra pickup ... more
  • Hey! Over Here! We're Buying!
    Good news for retailers! There is one consumer segment that apparently remains ready and willing to buy: Hispanic shoppers. "According to a new study conducted by Experian Simmons for Univision Communications, Hispanics are less affected by the recession, tend to be more positive about it, [and] shop more often," says ... more
  • Barry Schwartz: Practical Wisdom as a Business Tool
    At the MarketingProfs B2B Forum earlier this month, keynote Barry Schwartz, a psychologist and author, explained the concept of Practical Wisdom: the idea that individuals can (and should) hone their judgment to "do the right thing." more
  • Nobody Likes a Wild-Goose Chase
    Chad White of the Retail Email blog was impressed when he recently received an email from Lands' End with this subject line: Free Shipping + 20-50% off summer! Swim, shorts, polos and more. "I really liked this checklist approach to listing departments," he explains. "It feels less like it's pressing ... more
  • Analyze This
    When analyzing the success of your email campaigns, you might be staring right at useful data that goes unused. Take, for instance, the amount of newsletter copy used to tease an article on your website. "Can we really expect more clicks just by playing with paragraph length and number?" asks ... more
  • Try not Pitching at All
    Valeria Maltoni receives four or five press releases on a typical day—and most leave her singularly unimpressed. "'I think you're fabulous' may seem like a good idea for a subject line," she explains at the Conversation Agent blog, "but if you cannot tell me why, as in what about my ... more
  • iPhone Tops Blackberry in Smartphone Loyalty
    Nearly 4 in 10 Blackberry and other smartphone users (38%) would switch to Apple's iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but only 14% of non-Blackberry smartphone users would switch to a Blackberry. more
  • Ten Essentials of Software-as-a-Service Solution Marketing
    by Peter A. Cohen
    Here are 10 essentials of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution marketing. more
  • Five Top Tips on How to Write More-Effective PPC Ads
    by Nick Usborne
    Contextual ads, whether delivered by Google, Yahoo, or any other company, are not standalone ads in the way that a newspaper classified ad is. In fact, your pay-per-click ad is simply the connector between a desired keyword or phrase and a destination landing page. So while you may have some wonderful ... more
  • Achieving Relevance in Direct Digital Marketing: An Introduction
    by Bryce Marshall
    There are five keys to making a relevance-centered approach a reality in your direct digital marketing programs(such as email, websites, mobile, and so on). more
  • Data-Driven Campaigns: Five Ways to Leverage the Customer Data You Have to Drive Conversions and Sales
    by Morgan Witt
    As marketers, we are all looking to reach "nirvana": targeting the right person with the right message at the right time. It's the clear path to driving conversion rates that exceed expectations. The days of blasting promotion messages to all are dead and gone. The conversation has changed. We must put ... more
  • Case Study: Generating Serious B2B Buzz With Dead Bugs... and Video
    by Kimberly Smith
    Entrepreneurs, by definition, don't play it too safe. So for a company that serves startups and small businesses, what better way to launch a rebranding campaign and generate buzz than doing something novel and risky—but being wicked smart about it. Which is where the bugs come in. more
  • Know What Happens When You Don't Advertise? Google Knows.
    It's safe to say the first batch of post-dot-com-bubble brands have come into their own. Brands like Google, eBay, and Amazon. The one thing that sets them apart? They became successful without the support of television advertising to help launch them. more
  • Serving Up a Perfect SEO Sandwich
    To make an in-house SEO effort successful, you must first gain buy-in from the three main "layers" in most large organizations: executives, management, and everyone else. So says Duane Forrester in a recent post at Search Engine Land. He likens working with these groups to making a layered sandwich. To ... more
  • You Want Me to Shave Where?!
    If you're a man, your father probably taught you how to shave your face. It's highly improbable, though, that he included a lesson on shaving the rest of your body. And as "manscaping" starts going mainstream, many might wonder why a man would let his razor wander southward. An animated ... more
  • Mixology 101
    In a post at the Daily Fix blog, Stephanie Miller says you don't have to choose between the social and email channels. "No need to take sides, my friends," she says. "Email and social marketing work best together, and not because I or other pundits say so, but because that ... more
  • Yes You Can: Bridge That Sales & Marketing Divide
    Squabbling or lack of coordination between sales and marketing teams can lead to longer sales cycles and increased costs—or it can scuttle deals. With so much at risk, why can't these two groups just get along? They can, says Rebekah Donaldson in a post on the Red On Marketing blog. ... more

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