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  • Data-Driven Campaigns: Five Ways to Leverage the Customer Data You Have to Drive Conversions and Sales
    by Morgan Witt
    As marketers, we are all looking to reach "nirvana": targeting the right person with the right message at the right time. It's the clear path to driving conversion rates that exceed expectations. The days of blasting promotion messages to all are dead and gone. The conversation has changed. We must put ... more
  • Case Study: Generating Serious B2B Buzz With Dead Bugs... and Video
    by Kimberly Smith
    Entrepreneurs, by definition, don't play it too safe. So for a company that serves startups and small businesses, what better way to launch a rebranding campaign and generate buzz than doing something novel and risky—but being wicked smart about it. Which is where the bugs come in. more
  • Know What Happens When You Don't Advertise? Google Knows.
    It's safe to say the first batch of post-dot-com-bubble brands have come into their own. Brands like Google, eBay, and Amazon. The one thing that sets them apart? They became successful without the support of television advertising to help launch them. more
  • Serving Up a Perfect SEO Sandwich
    To make an in-house SEO effort successful, you must first gain buy-in from the three main "layers" in most large organizations: executives, management, and everyone else. So says Duane Forrester in a recent post at Search Engine Land. He likens working with these groups to making a layered sandwich. To ... more
  • You Want Me to Shave Where?!
    If you're a man, your father probably taught you how to shave your face. It's highly improbable, though, that he included a lesson on shaving the rest of your body. And as "manscaping" starts going mainstream, many might wonder why a man would let his razor wander southward. An animated ... more
  • Mixology 101
    In a post at the Daily Fix blog, Stephanie Miller says you don't have to choose between the social and email channels. "No need to take sides, my friends," she says. "Email and social marketing work best together, and not because I or other pundits say so, but because that ... more
  • Yes You Can: Bridge That Sales & Marketing Divide
    Squabbling or lack of coordination between sales and marketing teams can lead to longer sales cycles and increased costs—or it can scuttle deals. With so much at risk, why can't these two groups just get along? They can, says Rebekah Donaldson in a post on the Red On Marketing blog. ... more
  • We Suck!
    When you think of ways you want customers to describe your product or service, you'd probably want them to avoid that most dubious of superlatives: The Worst. But in a post at the Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava says the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam has for 15 years ... more
  • Do It Now: Get Whitelisted
    Mailer Alert: A new Yahoo Mail feature—the "contacts button"—should make whitelisting even more important for email marketers. "You get a lot of emails, some good (from friends, family, even favorite interests that you've added to your Address Book), and a lot of not-so-important emails (special offers, newsletters, emails you rarely ... more
  • Commercial Break: Target, Brand New Day
    In this regular Daily Chirp feature, William Arruda shares some of his favorite television ads. And he offers up a lesson for how the ad relates to your personal brand. Today, he looks at Target's "New Day" commercial. more
  • Be a Pocket Millionaire
    Right in time for the much-anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update debut on June 17, AdMob has introduced a slew of ad units that will help enterprising advertisers make the most of mobile marketing. Among the cool features to check out:  Mobile social networking, which lets users access your ... more
  • Walk a Few Steps in Their Shoes
    "Value, desire, and price rule our lives as salespeople," says Mike Sigers in a recent post at the Simplenomics blog. When a prospect considers a purchase, Sigers explains, the product's value is determined by their desire. For all of us, he says, "If you desire something … it becomes valuable ... more
  • Pack 'Em In
    In a post at the Viral Garden blog, Mack Collier discusses why so many companies struggle to launch and maintain active online communities. To find success, you'll need more than a message board and good intentions, he says. Here's some of his advice: Communities grow and ... more
  • Twitter and Trolls and Squatters... Oh My!
    Recently, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa sued Twitter for the misappropriation of his name by an anonymous account holder (the now vacant @TonyLaRussa) who had a whopping four followers. One issue that the incident brings to mind is Web anonymity and the plethora of online trolls, squatters, and ... more
  • Look to Your Own DNA
    Different people have had different reactions to our hobbled economy. Some are heartsick over tough choices made to keep a company solvent; others might thrill to the thought of newly identified opportunities; most of us are probably experiencing a mix of concern and optimism. Whatever your perspective, it's likely you've ... more
  • Think of It as Scaling Down
    "It's not all doom and gloom in the U.S. economy," Deb Riechmann says in a recent AP article. "Some products are bucking the recession and flying off store shelves." Folks still have to live—and indulge a little—even in a recession. That's the message of this report, which gives an overview ... more
  • Latest List-Growing Strategies
    In cooperation with Ball State University and the Email Marketers Club, ExactTarget studied 18 methods used by marketers to build an email list. Among the results published in its 2009 Email List Growth Study are these conclusions: The best method for email list growth is onsite registration; ... more
  • The Budget-Cutting Blues
    "[T]he degree of uncertainty in business and consumer markets has soared," says John Quelch in a post at Harvard Business Online. "Yet, to conserve cash, most firms are reducing spending on the market research that would help manage that uncertainty." He reports that spending has dropped for four straight quarters, ... more
  • Sign Me Up!
    If you want to improve your online-conversion rate, says Amy Gesenhues in an article at MarketingProfs, you should probably take a look at your registration page. There are several reasons it might be keeping conversions to a minimum, she argues, and here are a few: You jump the gun. If ... more
  • What Works for B2B Marketers in Social Media?
    Last week, as part of the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston, three marketers volunteered to have their social media campaigns analyzed by social media expert and MarketingProfs contributor Jason Baer. Check out the video. more
  • Sweat the Small Stuff: A Counterintuitive Approach to Professional Success
    by Linda Kaplan Thaler
    It might sound counter-intuitive, but "sweating the small stuff" is actually a recipe for success. In fact, it can be one of best weapons in your business arsenal. more
  • Maximizing Lead-Generation Marketing ROI, Part 3: Measuring Effectiveness
    by Jim Lenskold
    How do you know whether your lead-generation program is working and delivering a good ROI for the company? You may be doing some lead tracking to understand conversion rates and customer profitability, which is great. But the sales team will inevitably let Marketing know that (1) Marketing was just a ... more
  • Use Search Queries to Save Money and Increase Conversions
    by Craig Danuloff
    Search queries, the exact word or phrases a person types, are a vital clue into the objectives of the searcher and how valuable that person is to your business. Is each searcher relevant to you? Are all the search queries equally valuable? Can you write a single text ad that matches ... more
  • Marketing in a Recession: What Do the Studies Really Tell Us?
    by Christian Shea
    Have you heard this one? "All the research shows that companies that spend on marketing during a recession come out ahead of the competition as the economy rebounds." It's a catchy buzz phrase—and if people believe it, even better. But here's the thing: What research, exactly? more
  • Case Study: How an Interactive Game Stimulated Product Awareness and Sales
    by Kimberly Smith
    To differentiate itself in a crowded consumer-electronics market, Sony Electronics leveraged a bond—James Bond—with sister company Sony Pictures. A Bond-themed interactive game and sweepstakes resulted in 45,000 clickthroughs to product pages—and a 12-15% increase in sales of those products. more

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