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  • by Ann Handley
    No matter how you feel about PETA, as an entity or a cause, you probably know its marketing. Even those don't admire it, in other words, are likely aware of it. Pointed, outrageous, admired and criticized, PETA's messaging is the type that makes the audience sit up and take notice. more
  • by Anna Talerico
    Here's a popular way to generate online leads: Buy a keyword ad on a search engine site. In your ad, offer free content -- such as a white paper -- to respondents who complete a short form. In theory, this type of campaign works well: The people who respond get something ... more
  • by Rick Sklarin
    Today's leading companies don't rely on chance for market success. They take a scientific approach -- just as they do for product development -- to align company resources and activities for maximum launch impact. As margins grow razor thin and competition comes from anywhere, scientific product launches can help your company ... more
  • Case Study: How One Provocative Post on a Hewlett-Packard Blog Spread Worldwide
    by BL Ochman
    The majority of Technorati's Top 100—many of which have teams of writers—feature new posts as often as a dozen times a day. Can a corporate blog with a single writer build a large international audience without multiple daily postings? more
  • by Stephen Denny
    Dear Why do the mis-steps of our leaders get so much press? Why do we spend more time watching CEOs who have fallen into the potato salad on than the ones who are quietly leading their companies through troubled waters? This is unfortunate, so we're going to correct this with ... more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    The WSJ Reported that TowerBrook Capital Partners LLP is close to an agreement to acquire fashion-shoe designer Jimmy Choo Ltd. for about 180 million, or $354 million. The question is, can a beloved brand retain its passion as the ownership torch is passed...? Reports are that creative director Sandra Choi ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    Dear My newly purchased voice recorder may be wonderful... but why -- oh, why -- did you make me jump through hoops to register it, and I'm not even sure it worked? It all began with the URL on the product registration card. Guess what? It doesn't This is missing ... more
  • by Stephen Denny
    Dear A large part of the dust storm has settled at this point over the now infamous Aqua Teen Hunger Force case study in how to execute a campaign and wow your client. I won't rehash the facts of the case, which are all-too-well-known at this point. The point of ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    It's exciting to watch as more and more brands take on this consumer-generated campaign concept -- and it has been especially noticeable in relation to the Super Bowl (whew.. I had forgotten how the media simply becomes the Super Bowl for a good month...) One thing that has been missing ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Where is the fizz, the pizazz, the let's-have-a-party and stand-in-line-groupie-thing, Vista-is-what-it's-all-about Oh, sure, CNET, CNN and newspapers around the globe ran the required articles, saying Vista has arrived. And Bill Gates appeared on The Daily . So the public relations side of marketing seems to be grinding on. But, hey, ... more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    Yesterday, an innovative marketing gimmick for TBS' "Adult Swim" program, Aqua Teen Hunger , inadvertently froze Boston in a terrorist panic. What were intended to be buzz-worthy signs were interpreted to be potential terrorist This, despite the fact that these "threats" had been in place throughout the city for more ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Microsoft's new wunderkind has made its long-awaited appearance. Bill Gates unveiled his company's new Vista operating system in a three-hour performance worthy of Apple's Steve Jobs. Five years and millions of dollars worth of development have finally come to . The question how will it be received by an audience ... more
  • by Leigh Duncan-Durst
    There's no doubt, our sense of smell is powerfully tied to memory recall. Now more than ever, scent technology is being used to reinforce the customer experience environment. But what happens when the experience fundamentals are missing and scent technology actually works to reinforce a bad customer I had an ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Let's say I am your average skeptical technology consumer. What do you think might happen if I read media coverage about the launch of a new operating system that seems to gloss over whatever the system does and presume, no doubt, that my jaw will drop and I'll only be ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    The keys to transparent marketing include narrowing your focus and getting to know your customers intimately. Drive-through latte stands in the Seattle area are taking that to the bank. Says an AP contributed article on , there are now several chains with female baristas serving up coffee in The guys ... more
  • by Paul Barsch
    Would you pay more for a diamond dug from the ground over a similar and sometimes more flawless diamond produced in a lab? Some marketers are betting you will. Welcome to "Gem There's a fight brewing between producers of lab-grown diamonds and diamonds dug from the ground–and marketing is in ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Global small business owners know face-to-face meetings with international customers help cement quality professional relationships. But the practical aspects of planning international travel can be a bit of a maze. So how do you plan your trip? Where do you You can start from home on the Internet by checking ... more
  • by Stephen Denny
    Dear First, a confession. When I wrote the memo on Killing Giants, Part ", I didn't actually have a "Part 2" in mind. I was just hoping that things would progress along and new thoughts would quickly come to mind. Thankfully, a few good questions - .... one spurring a ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Recently, computer-generated TV ads have hit the airwaves depicting a baffled consumer wading through multiple pages of her monthly invoice from her financial services firm, questioning a number of fictitious-sounding fees. Ms. Consumer then whips her glasses off and gives her incredulous take on "You've got to be kidding me! ... more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    According to we've all been "googled" this past year. Google has landed the top spot as our favored Who doesn't rely on this new way of living our life? Even my 72-year-old mom (bravo to her) uses Google News alerts to help me stay on top of my So now ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Small businesses don't often have the resources for the amount of effort needed to succeed with the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN Search out there. Luckily, the Internet offers lots of free tools to maximize marketing and search engine efforts. Readers offer three ways to take advantage. more
  • by Stephan Spencer
    Marketers, by the very nature of their job function, must juggle numerous campaigns, a range of portfolios, multiple channels, and various corporate, political, and personnel issues—all simultaneously. Do you have multiple action lists running concurrently in your brain? Or great ideas buried within files, folders, emails, Post-It notes, and to-do lists? ... more
  • by Frank Luntz
    Walk through any bookstore and you'll find dozens of books about the marketing and branding efforts of corporate America. The process of corporate communication has been thinly sliced and diced over and over, but what you won't find is a book about the one truly essential characteristic in our 21st ... more

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